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Ransom Letter Art Is A Thing

I used to think that creating ransom letter art was a fun, but a weird idea because everyone knows that ransom letters were meant to be ominous. But my thinking has since changed especially when I saw many beautiful ransom letter art in Pinterest.

I don’t know when ransom letter art became a thing, but one thing I am sure of is that they are a thing. I guess people who subscribe to ransom letter art have both a good sense of humor and style.

I can only imagine both the dread and the laughter of a person who receives one from one of their loved ones or friends. It is but natural to feel apprehensive when one receives one, but after one has verified that it is actually a ransom letter art, the laughter or smile sets in.

In a way, ransom letter arts are more personal. This is because unlike computer generated letters that we send these days or store brought greeting cards, it takes effort to design and create a ransom letter art.


Let’s get to the meat of the issue now: “Where is the money in ransom letter art?” The answer is pretty obvious. It is in the character letters themselves and not in the creation of ransom letter art.

This is the reason why there are commercially available random letter stickers being sold online. You simply Google the search keywords: “ransom letter stickers” and you would be shown articles and images of ransom letter character letters.

One of the other thing you would notice when you do a Google search is that: “ransom letter stickers” shows as one of the most searched keywords when you start typing the words “ransom letter.”

This proves how commercialized is the creation of ransom letter art. As I have also previously pointed out, there are Pinterest pages dedicated to ransom letter art. Even Google searches contain plenty of images of ransom letter art.

You might think that this could be another good way of making money. It certainly seems that way. I mean, how hard can it be? All that one needs to do is to create a group of letters in different styles and fonts. Easy isn’t it?


The mere randomness of the styles and fonts of each of the character letters would be creating is instantly a serious thing to think about. If I were to sell for example a ransom letter character comprising only of the letter “A”. How many variations of styles and fonts should I make?

And this is just for the letter A. Remember that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, ten character numbers and of course, several punctuation characters. You can be looking at designing more than 40 characters comprising of dozens or more of different styles and fonts.

Let’s see. A minimum of 40 characters multiplied by a dozen different styles and fonts. This easily translates to about 480 different designs to do at the onset. Of course the ransom letter character letter sheets are not really being sold this way.

If you did a quick search in Etsy for example, you would see that alphabet letter sheets seem to be composed of a random mixture of letters and numbers without definite quantities of assorted letter styles and fonts in them.

This alphabet letter sheets are not really made to scale for people who want to create a lot of ransom letter art. By producing your 480 sheet character letter product, you may be the only one who could fill the needs of an avid ransom letter art creator.


Of course nothing would beat the authenticity of a professionally printed ransom letter character sticker and especially the ransom letter art actually made out of cut characters letters from actual magazines, but these could be expensive options.

A cheaper but less authentic way to create ransom letter art would be to either buy or use free downloadable ransom letter character sheets which you could easily find in many sites online like Etsy.

This could be another way for you to make money. Create digital files of your character letters in as many fonts and styles that you could make and then sell them online. This seems to be the direction the market is going considering the many digital file sellers online.

This would be a great side hustle or even a full time source of income for anyone involved in the digital arts, especially for ones that specialize in creating fonts. Of course, a lot depends on how one markets their digital files.

This must be the reason why there are people featuring their work in such sites as Pinterest. They hope that someone would become interested in their work and possibly would be interested enough to buy some of their digital files.


Ransom letter art is definitely a thing. There are even people who sell character letter stickers for just such purposes of which where the money is. You can sell character letter sticker sheets or downloadable files.

The thing you must consider however is that it takes time to create different character letter fonts and styles. An alternative would be to use free of copyright fonts and alter them according to your own designs or sell them as they are.

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