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Other Ways Of Making Money With Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a very old art form. It is more than centuries old. Yes, it’s really that old. Early humans learned to write and one of the first problems that they have discovered is that many humans have very bad handwriting.

It can become so bad that a human can’t even understand their own handwriting. That is why it became very essential for people back then to learn how to write very legibly so that people would understand their handwriting.

Since written words were so rare back then, they were extremely valuable and only the nobility and rich people can afford them. They were treated like art and were designed like artworks. This gave rise to the art of calligraphy.


The simplest definitions of calligraphy that I was able to find online are these:

1. Decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering.
2. A label written in admirable calligraphy.
3. The art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush.

As you can see, the word “decorative” is mentioned two times in these definitions. This is because the letters are indeed made out to be decorative and not functional. It means that you can do away with the calligraphy and the letters would still be understood.


There are plenty of articles online which informs the reader of various ways a person can make money with calligraphy. I however found them to be repetitive and an attack on one’s common sense sometimes.

After all, you make money with calligraphy almost exactly the same way you make money with other digital products. Let me give a condensed list of the making money information I found online:

Sell Paper Products With Handwritten Or Printed Calligraphy

Paper Products:

This means such things as greeting cards, calling cards, inspirational quotes that are hanged in the wall, posters, stickers and so on. As long as it’s made of any kind of paper, it’s a paper product, period.

Handwritten Or Printed:

This means that it doesn’t matter if you have handwritten your calligraphy or you have just printed calligraphy using your computer printer. As you can see, calligraphy is not the act but the product itself. So we are still fulfilling the true meaning of calligraphy.

This is best exemplified by wedding invitations. Many wedding invitations today are computer printed but there are still people who use handwritten wedding invitations. A person may not be a true calligrapher, but if they have computer skills, they can emulate the work of a calligrapher.

Sell Them On E-Commerce Sites And Other Online Platforms:

You can sell these paper products to e-commerce sites such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and all the other e-commerce sites. Besides them, you could also sell them on your very own website.

Sell Calligraphy That Is Written in a Decorative Object That Is Not Paper

You can sell any decorative object where calligraphy can be written on. This is a very wide scope for calligraphy. This means that you can sell cakes that have calligraphy on them. You can sell toys, electronic goods, construction materials and so on.

I think the product you should be selling is not the objects themselves, but the work you do attaching calligraphy to these objects. Anyone can send you their object and you can ask a fee for putting calligraphy on their objects.

Just like calligraphy on paper products, you can also sell your objects with calligraphy on e-commerce sites such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay and the lot. You can also sell them on your very own website.

Teach Calligraphy

There are a variety of ways you can teach calligraphy in exchange for money. You can physically teach or use online mediums to teach. There’s YouTube and the other online learning platforms like SkillShare.

You can sell calligraphy courses on your books and physical digital storage mediums like CDs and DVDs. You can also have calligraphy websites and blogs. You can earn through ads, affiliate marketing or by directly charging your customers.

By Offering Your Calligraphy Skills

You can do the signage of shops you can physically go to. Freelance as a calligrapher in such freelancing sites as Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, Guru and so on. You can create logos and banners.

License Your Calligraphy

You can create your own font design and sell them to online font retailers such as MyFonts, a font foundry like YouWorkForThem, and hybrid companies such as HypeForType.

You can also license your calligraphy designs to print on demand online companies. You could also license or partner with graphic designers so that you could get paid when these parties use your calligraphy designs.


As you can see, the common ways of making money are already widely discussed in many how to make money with calligraphy online articles. You can, doing further research, can know in more details how these money making ideas work.

The important thing is that you can sell paper and other objects where you have written your calligraphy. You can then sell them on e-commerce sites and in your own website. You can also sell calligraphy courses.

You can sell them on online learning platforms and through books, and other physical digital media platforms. You can also sell your skills as a calligrapher and license your calligraphy products both online and by direct solicitation.

As you can see, I have saved you time by already condensing the various online information regarding how to make money with you calligraphy products as well as by using your skills as a calligrapher.


There are other ways of making money with calligraphy that are not discussed much by many of the online calligraphy articles. This is maybe because calligraphy is a very old form of art that have persisted already for centuries.

In the age of the internet and electronic ways of making written words, the use of a skill in writing handwritten calligraphy may be becoming less and less important as this skill can already be replaced by a computer and a software.

Tattoos And Other Body Art

A glaring use of calligraphy that many of these online articles failed to mention is that calligraphy can be found on human tattoos. That is why, as a tattoo artist or if ever you are involved in inking human bodies whether permanent or temporary, you should have calligraphy skills.

You can teach courses on how to put calligraphy on the human body using already the previously mentioned ways of teaching. You can physically teach, use online learning platforms and use books and other physical digital mediums to sell your courses.

But not only permanent tattoos. You can make temporary calligraphy tattoos using paint or other materials that stick to the human body. As you can see, this is also a good way of making money from people who want ink in their skin even though its only temporary.

Cars And Other Vehicles

You might think that this way of making money have been previously discussed by the other online articles that I have condensed in this article, but this is another way to make money with calligraphy.

In this case, you’re not making banners or logos for structures like signposts, building or store names. You are actually applying calligraphy on a moving object. And I am talking about objects that run on the ground, fly and even swim in the water.

Do you know for example that there are car owners who want graphic designs in their cars which includes calligraphy? Think of Japanese cars that are anime themed and filled with Japanese calligraphy.

You can also think of Mexican lowrider cars and biker motorcycles. You can also think about pickup truck and container trucks painted with colorful murals and calligraphy. In this case, you might also need drawing skills to maximize your earning potential.

Though lesser in numbers than cars and other road vehicles, aircrafts and boats have been known too to be painted with murals and/or calligraphy. Once again, you might also need to be good at drawing to maximize your earning potential servicing these vehicles.

And don’t forget to include the other vehicle heavyweights such as trains, tanks, fighter jets and the likes. There are also people who commission painters and/or calligraphers to put designs in these vehicles.


Another thing that most if not all of these online articles forgot is etchings. I’m talking about metal, wood, plastic, glass and other types of etching surfaces where calligraphy can be etched.

You may think that you need the skills of a sculptor to be able to do this work. Yes, and no, is the answer. Of course you need the artistic eye and maybe even the sculpting skills of a real sculptor.

This is because there are already etching techniques and tools that you can use to etch calligraphy and other designs without needing the skills of a sculptor. All you need to know is how to implement these etching techniques and know how to use these tools.


There are many ways of making money from calligraphy. You can find in most online articles about calligraphy the most widely known methods of making money with them. At times, these articles can be repetitive which just shows you how standardized the information can be.

Some of the lesser known ways of making money with calligraphy is through tattoos and other forms of body inking and design. Calligraphy can also be applied not only in building structures but also in vehicles that run on the road, fly and even travel through water.

You can also combine your knowledge of sculpting to make metal, wood, plastic, glass and other forms of etching. These are just some of the few other ways of making money with calligraphy.

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