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I Love A Rumor

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Olivia Hides is a celebrity rumor journalist who is trying to quote and unquote become a "serious journalist." She has a chance of becoming one if she's able to get the scoop about Scott and Holly Woode, the King and Queen of Movieland.

She gets entangled with Scott and Holly's son, Matt, a quote and unquote "serious journalist" who asks for her help in trying to stop his parent's impending divorce.

Would Matt thru the help of Olivia be able to stop the divorce of his parents? And what about their so called "friendly and professional" relationship?

Romeo Loves Julia

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Romeo is the son of Frederick Fontana, the richest and most powerful businessperson the North side of the city of Loverstorn. Julia is the daughter of Steve Rossi, the richest and most powerful businessperson the South side of Loverstorn.

They love each other but their fathers hated each other. It has something to do with Dalia Brambilla. A very beautiful woman who disappeared from Loverstorn decades ago who has never been found.

The two lovers, their fathers, their other lovers, their friends and almost everyone around them are soon embroiled in a complex situation where the power of true love rules!

The Office Love Promotion

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Scott and Karla owned Luv Incorporated, the number one online dating app, when an opportunity arose for them to buy their main rival, Love in 24 Hours, but they needed a manager to manage this new acquisition.

Enter David from marketing and Susan from accounting who badly wanted the job promotion. They wanted the job so bad that they even termed each other as "enemies."

They both decided that the best way to get the job was to bring their two bosses together. But they underestimated their bosses who turned the tables at them. But their two bosses are in for a surprise as the two fight back their own way. Love and job promotions do mix together!

What The Doctor Loves

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Debbie, a young divorced mother, still have feelings for her first love and ex-husband, Jack. Then her very young daughter, Michelle, got mysteriously sick with a heart disease and appeared to be dying.

Enter the brilliant and handsome doctor, Steve, who was also a serial womanizer. Debbie and Michelle was the last thing on his mind when he thinks of the word "girls," but he found out that these two girls were more than what he bargained for.

Steve has a real problem with women, but can Debbie and her daughter be just the cure that he needs?

In Love With A Fairytale

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Audrey has always dreamed of becoming a royalty. Influenced by her mother, discouraged by her father, and supported by her friends, she strives to become a famous designer so she can enter the world of royalties and celebrities.

And she comes in contact with two of them. One is a nobility while the other one is a royalty. Suddenly, it's as if her dreams would come true, but the world of the nobility and royalty is not what it seems. She would soon found out the reality of her fairytale and her prince charming.

She would also find out about the secrets people close to her keep deep in their hearts.

The Feeling

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Rad and his struggling rock band had been trying to become famous for decades without much success until Joan came along who was an amateur musician. Rad and his rock band are now middle aged people compared to Joan who was just in her twenties. But somehow things worked for all them.

Or so they thought. From domineering parents, uncaring audiences, bully rock bands and even a corrupt record company, their path to musical fame seems to be littered with unending roadblocks.

But they have 'The Feeling.&apos: And it's something that they'll do anything to experience. It keeps them going no matter what. In spite of the humiliations, suffering and pain they have had as a band, it's what's keeping them going. It's what they lived all their lives for.

One Tough Mother...

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Helen is a pig farmer who's husband, Dan, had just been cured of cancer. Because of Dan's previous bout with cancer, they are deep in debt and the bank wants to foreclose on their farm.

Their life changes however when Helen becomes popular as a fighter and gets offered to fight professionally. Things were great again until they got involved in a scandal which saw their lives change again for the worst.

Then an offer comes along to Helen which promises to solve all her and her family's current dilemma. But soon, she would realize that there's more to this offer than what she and her family had anticipated. 

Flat Chested Star

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Nikki is a short, skinny and flat chested woman who is in her mid-twenties. Because of her looks, men are not attracted to her. They don't even glance at her. Everything changes when a small movie role where she was made to look like a slutty teenager gave her a reputation as a teenage sex object.

Her dreams of becoming an actress came true, but at a cost. Every movie role she is offered now requires her to do sexy scenes and even sex scenes. She can't get any other acting jobs besides these acting roles which requires her to act as a teenage sex object.

Will she succumb to the pressure and continually play a teenage sex object in the hope that she can be a successful actress someday? 

Good Fake

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Amanda's niece, Baby Chloe, is sick with spinal muscle atrophy or SMA, a degenerative disease that a person can die from if they are not cured. In Amanda niece's case, she has only a few months to live if she is not treated.

The cure for her niece's sickness cost more than a million dollars and her family does not have the money to afford her medicine. The donations given to her niece's treatment is paltry compared to the more than one million dollars she needs.  

But there is a person who has the ability to raise more than a million dollars in charity money quickly. This person is none other than the billionaire Amanda King whom Amanda has a great similarity with. 

Can Amanda impersonate the billionaire Amanda King so she can raise the more than one million dollars her niece needs so she can be cured of her deadly disease?

And what about the man who loves her and knows about her secret? Would he follow his conscience and expose her plans?

Maid On A Cage

(Buy Now. $ USD 0.99 only)

Maita went to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid. But her employer treated her badly and made her work non-stop everyday without a day off.

It even gets much worse when her employer made sure that she can't escape. A man even wanted to make her his wife even though she is already married and have children.

With no way to ask for help from anyone, can she escape her gruesome fate?

Anjin's Rocket

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Anjin was already a successful rocket engineer in Australia when he receives a letter from the country he came from which is Sindira which states that he is being given a big opportunity to be one of the country's pioneer in their space technology program.

He with his parents and sister decide to check out Sindira. He eventually must decide between two countries, his adopted country Australia or the country which he was born in.

Along the way he learns not only about Sindira but also about himself. He finally realizes where he should be.

Talking Pig

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What would happen if pigs started talking and develop their own intelligence? Would humanity progress or everything would be business as usual for humanity?

These are just some of the questions two scientists with differing opinions must tackle. One scientist is a vegetarian animal lover while the other scientist is a pork shop loving glutton. Add to this, the two scientists must learn to deal with their cunning and money hungry boss who would stop at nothing to get rich.

But it never stops here. Everyone has an opinion regarding talking animals. Their friends, other scientists, generals, theologians, businessmen, pig raisers and even children have something to say about a talking pig. 

Brothers And Madness

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An African American man dies while under police custody. America is once again in turmoil as demonstrations, arsons and looting rule many American streets. Two brothers from an African American family will be involved in this conflict.

One brother is a peace loving man intent on keeping race relations peaceful. The other brother has other plans. He wants to profit from all the turmoil that is happening in America. Their lives will take separate paths but will eventually intersect.

Everyone in fact will be involved. Their family, the people they love, the media and just about everyone interested in the death of a black man while in police custody. It seems the death of one man is enough to cause madness in anyone. 

Statue Of Sin

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Ted's brother and wife has been murdered. Apparently, it is a result of ritual sacrifice. Life goes on for Ted as he inherits his brother's possession.

But would Ted and his girlfriend be the next victim of the ritual sacrifice?

Not only is Ted and his girlfriend's life in danger, but so are the close friends they have. Will all of them survive the ancient horror they inherited?

The Rogues Of Pittybog

(Buy Now. $ USD 2.99 only)

A fantasy creature has been kidnapped in the land of Pittybog and it is up to the Rogues of Pitttybog to save her.

The heroes encounter Trolls, Goblins, Elves, winged creatures and many other fantastic creatures in their quest to save their kidnapped friend.

But could they win over an enemy that is almost invincible to all forms of weapons? Find out! 

Finding Medusa's Head

(Buy Now. $ USD 2.99 only)

Hector lives in the modern world but finds himself immersed in Alyna's hidden but modern world of greek mythology. She is also the daughter of Medusa.

Together they must battle the god Ares and his monsters in his arena. They must also battle the sea monsters of the god Poseidon and not to mention the gods and goddesses of Olympus itself.

All to find Medusa's head which has been missing for centuries in Athena's shield.

Rosa In America

(Buy Now. $ USD 2.99 only)

What would you do if you are desperate for money? Would you accept the indignities of life in a new and possibly cruel country?

This novel is about facing almost insurmountable odds and having to endure the cruelties of your fellow humans.

It is also a story of how human love for one another can make all the difference in this often harsh world.