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Tattooed Or Not Tattooed?

Part 1: A Fair Maiden

George who was a soldier was pretty sure that he has met the right girl for him. He has been seeing Mina for months now who is also a soldier. Not only was she kind, but she was also beautiful. The main thing in fact that attracted him to her was her beautiful skin.

But there was something that puzzled him about her. She always wore pants and long sleeved clothes whenever he sees her. This became so serious for him that he started to theorize that she was hiding some skin condition in either her arms or legs.

The idea got him so rattled especially one day while they were eating in a beach where most people were just dressed in their swimming trunks and bikinis, she was still almost fully covered. It also didn’t escape him that she was also sweating beneath her clothes.

“Why don’t you remove some of your clothes?”, he smiled, “You’re clearly sweating beneath your clothes.” “I don’t want to,” she smiled while taking a sip from her pineapple juice.

“But look at me,” he pointed to himself, “I’m just in my swimming trunks. Don’t tell me that you won’t be slipping in a bikini sometime.” “I don’t want to expose my skin,” she smiled, “I might get a sunburn.”

He became a bit more direct, “Are you embarrassed to show your body. Is there something I should know, Mina?” “There nothing wrong with me, George. I just don’t want to expose my body.”

Part 2: A Clue?

George didn’t push the issue. They quietly ate their meal and observed all the people in the beach who were enjoying themselves and who were only wearing swimming clothes. Suddenly, a heavily tattooed woman wearing a bikini stopped in front of them.

“Hello, Mina,” the tattooed woman greeted them, “it’s so nice to see you again.” “Hello Bessie,” smiled Mina, “you’re looking even more beautifuler than ever. You even got new tattoos.”

“I might have new tattoos, but it won’t beat the ones you’ve got. They’re to die for.” “Mine? Oh they’re nothing compared to yours, Bessie. Mines are junk compared to yours.” The conversation between Mina and Bessie troubled George, “Does Mina have tattoos?”

Part 3: The Argument

When Bessie had left them, he can’t help but ask her about tattoos, “Your friend has a lot of tattoos, Mina. She must really like tattoos.” “I like tattoos too, George. I think people who have tattoos are sexy.”

George nearly dropped from the chair he was sitting on upon hearing the words of Mina. He has no tattoos and he began to think that Mina might not really like him because he has no tattoos. He also fears that Mina might have a lot of tattoos hidden beneath her clothes.

He likes Mina and would do anything to get her approval, but the mere thought of having a tattoo is simply appalling to him. The thought of Mina having tattoos also appalled him. “I don’t like tattoos, Mina. I think a person should leave their skin as natural as they are.”

“What would you do if you found out that I have tattoos, George?” He became very quiet. He was simply too unprepared from the question that his mind seemed to have frozen.

After a while however, he was able to speak, “Why, Mina? Do you have tattoos?” “I asked you a question first. It would just be right if you answered my question first.” “I-I don’t know, Mina. I don’t know how I would react if I see a tattoo in you.”

“So, you loved me for my appearance only, George? What could I expect to happen if something happens to my skin like a nasty scar?” “A scar is different from a tattoo, Mina.”

“You mean that you would still love me even though I get a scar in my face?” “Yes, Mina, that’s how much I love you.” “But you won’t like me if I have tattoos?”

“It depends on your tattoos, Mina.” “Why George, you think I have some nasty looking tattoos in my body?” “I don’t know, Mina.”

“So, you don’t like girls with tattoos, George?” “And you find men with no tattoos less attractive, Mina.” “It seems we have already found out something we contrast with.”

Part 4: Revelation

Mina smiled as she slowly removed her clothes in front of George and everyone in the beach. When she was only down to her bikinis was George sure that she was not hiding any tattoos. “But, but you said you like tattoos?”, asked the confused George.

“Yes, I do like tattoos, George, but I didn’t say I want one in my body.” “But you said that you find men with tattoos very sexy?” “Men with tattoos are sexy to me, but I find men with no tattoos even sexier.”

“I suppose that you’re angry with me, Mina, for thinking that you have tattoos.” “Oh don’t worry about it, George. Many people also assume that I have tattoos because I like to cover myself and go with friends just like Bessie.”

“But Bessie said that yours is much better than her tattoos. That’s why I though that you have a tattoo.” “Oh you mean my scar?”

She parted her bikini a bit and it revealed a bullet wound scar which was hidden by her bikini. “Bessie thinks that my bullet wound scar is better than her tattoos because mine’s a real proof that I’m a soldier.”

Part 5: Coming Together

He laughed, “Please forgive me, Bessie. I’m just really a very stupid man for jumping to conclusions.” “You really mean it George that even if I get a scar in my face you would still love me?”

“Of course, Mina. I don’t mind your bullet wound scar. I’ll still love you the way you are.” “And I love you too, George.” They both kissed each other.

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