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The Psychologist With A Plunging Neckline

Part 1: Freddie Finds A Friend

It was the first time middle-aged Freddie has entered such an establishment. He was in a hostess club where women entertained men by drinking and talking with them. His friends were at ease with the women while he felt very uncomfortable by just being there.

His discomfort did not escape the eyes of young Natalya who was just in her mid-twenties. She sat next to him. “Looks like you’re new here,” she smiled as she signaled the waitress to approach them, “I know your friends, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen you.”

“T-That’s right, I’m new here. My friends just forced me to come here. I’ve never been to a place like this before.” “I see. Let me put you at ease. Is there anything you wanted to drink?”

“I-I don’t really drink, but maybe a beer will do.” She smiled when she realized that he was uncomfortable by merely looking at her and her dress which has a plunging neckline. She easily realized that he was not like the other male patrons.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”, she smiled as she adjusted her plunging neckline to hide her chest, “You don’t have to feel embarrassed, you can look if you want.” “But I’m almost twice your age young lady, men like me shouldn’t be here.”

“Nonsense, I see men your age in this club all the time. This club is for men to relax while they drink. Do you want to talk about something? Maybe we can talk while you chat. There must be a reason why you’re here. Men like you don’t usually come to clubs like these.”

He became silent. She has a way of talking which calmed him. Soon, both of them were drinking and talking happily. He talked about his miserable situation in the company he was working for, while she talked about her funny moments while working in the club.

After a few more hours, their talks started to get more personal. He started to talk about his failing marriage while she talked about the many men who expressed their love to her, but dumped her in the end.

Part 2: No Secret Remains A Secret

Freddie’s wife, Enya, nearly burst into tears when she heard from one of her husband’s male friends that Freddie has become a regular at the club where Natalya works. “It’s true,” said Freddie’s male friend, “he’s now a regular at a club where a young woman works. ”

“What’s the name of the woman and what’s she like?”, sighed Enya. “She’s young and beautiful and I guess is just in her mid-twenties, Enya. I can’t blame Freddie for falling for her. I think the woman’s name is Natalya Pike.”

“I can’t believe that Freddie would do this to me. She must be the reason why he’s getting more and more distant to me. He only tells me that he’s doing overtime, but apparently he’s been spending his time with a woman young enough to be his daughter.”

“What do you plan to do, Enya? Would you tell Freddie to stop seeing this woman?” “I guess I have to ask my lawyer first. I think I need to divorce Freddie now. We’ve become so distant to each other now that we’re practically separated.”

Part 3: Enya Finds A Friend

Enya just let Freddie continue on in his ways. She pretended that she didn’t know that he was regularly seeing Natalya. But at night when she was all alone, she would cry her heart out and reminiscence on her happier days with Freddie.

She was crying on her living room while blankly watching a television show when her cellphone rang, “Hello who is it?” “You don’t know me, but I know you and your husband. My name is Natalya Pike.”

“Excuse me, but I don’t know you. You say your name is Natalya Pike and you say that you know me and my husband?” “Yes, Ms. Enya Williams, I have read about you and frequently speak with your husband.”

“Are you by any chance, Natalya, a club worker. A woman who entertains men?” “I see, someone has told you that your husband has been seeing me regularly. Perhaps a male friend of your husband?”

“How did you guess?” “Just a guess, it’s usually the male friends of our customers that betray them to their wives. Your husband is no different.”

“Then I’m telling you now to stay away from my husband,” almost shouted Enya as she changed the subject. “Cool down, Ms. Williams,” smiled Natalya, “I have no designs on your husband.”

“Then why are you still seeing my husband?” “If I don’t, someone else in the club will, Ms. Williams,” smiled Natalya, “I can assure you, the other women in the club would just take advantage of your husband.”

The words of Natalya calmed Enya down, “All right, Natalya. I’m listening. Tell me what you want.” “I want you and your husband to be together again. I’ll report to you anything I learn from him.”

“And what do you want in return, Natalya? Do you want money?” “Oh no, Ms. Williams, I only want to help your husband. I know he is a genuinely kind man. I don’t get to see men like him these days.”

Part 4: The Feedback Loop

And so it began. Whatever Natalya learns from Freddie when he talks to her at the club, she relays this information to Enya. Soon, Enya learns about the difficulties her husband is facing at his job.

She also learns that Freddie has not really forgotten the death of her daughter who is almost the same age as Natalya. According to Natalya, Freddie is reminded of her dead daughter whenever he sees and speaks to Natalya.

Enya used all the information she learned from Natalya to treat Freddie accordingly. She began talking to Freddie about his job and his thoughts about their dead daughter. Freddie’s situation improved.

His job difficulties lessened and lessened until they became bearable and even laughable. She was also able to take his mind off thinking about their dead daughter. But most of all, they became so close again that Freddie has since stopped seeing Natalya.

Part 5: A New Beginning

It has been a month since Freddie last saw Natalya. She was bothered at first, but she eventually became happy as she guessed that by now, the domestic trouble of Freddie and Enya has been solved already.

She went back to her life of entertaining men who were total strangers by talking to them and drinking with them. She was entertaining some customers that night when she noticed two persons approaching her.

It was Freddie and Enya. The couple were smiling at her while she looked at them with disbelief in her face. “What are the two of you doing here, Freddie, Enya?”

“We want to make a proposal to you. Why don’t you work for our company?” “You two have a company now?” “Yes, we do. We thought the best way for Freddie to be happy was by being his own boss.”

“And what does your company do?” “We’ve just opened a small entertainment center for middle aged people so they can drink, play and talk to each other. We want you to manage it with us, Natalya.”

“Me? But I have no experience managing such kinds of places.” “You’ll do great, Natalya. You’ve been able to solve our marital problems. I think you’ll also be able to improve the love lives of our clients who are primarily couples who’ve become distant to each other.”

Natalya looked all around the club and observed for the last time the many women working there who really hated the job they were doing, “So, When do I start?”

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