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You’re Crazy

Part 1: Frustrations

Steve and Frank were two computer programmers in an IT company who just did overtime. They decided to end the day by drinking in their favorite bar which was quite popular in the area.

“Here’s to another wasted day working for somebody else,” lamented Frank as he raised his glass of beer in the air before drinking it. “Oh c’mon, Frank, it’s not so bad. We have good pay and nice perks from our company.”

“Of course, they have to give us good pay and nice perks. They’re bleeding the life out of us.” “Anybody told you that you’re crazy, Frank?”, laughed Steve, “Half of the people in this bar would kill to get your job.”

“That’s because they don’t know how soul crushing our job is. We stare at our computers the whole day, driving ourselves crazy trying to make mind bending software programs.” “What you need is a hobby, Frank,” laughed Steve, “it’s obvious you’re bored with your job.”

“I don’t need a hobby. I need to setup my own company. Be my own boss.” “Then what, Frank? Having your own company means more work and more responsibilities for you only.”

“But I’ll be my own boss and earn more money.” “You still have your customers as your bosses, Frank. Are you prepared to have multiple bosses?”

“At least I’ll be paid more, Steve,” puffed Frank as he drank his beer again. “Looks like you’re out of beer, Frank. Ready for another round?” “Keep them coming, Steve. Tonight, I’ll let out all my frustrations and then sleep it out.”

Part 2: The Wise

The bartender whom they know as Amie, gave them each a new glass of beer. Steve saw that Amie was shaking her head as she looked at Frank. “Maybe Amie has something to say. I’m sure she’s seen similar men like Frank before.”

“Hey Amie, Frank here needs advise. He says that he shouldn’t be working for someone else. That he should be his own boss.” Amie smiled but said nothing. She just continued cleaning the bar counter.

“Got nothing to say, Amie?”, smiled Steve, “Is my advise to Frank right or wrong?” “You really want my advise?”, smiled Amie as she broke her silence and stopped cleaning the bar counter.

“Yes, what advise would you give me, Amie,” smiled Frank as he raised his beer in the air before drinking it. “I think you both should first get girlfriends,” laughed Amie.

Both men turned pale. Each one was lost for words on how she was able to guess that both of them have no girlfriends. “Am I correct, gentlemen?”, she almost laughed with a raised eyebrow.

There was silence between the two men. Both of them bowed their heads and tried to hide their shame by drinking. “Look fellows, I don’t want to be rude, but it’s easy to guess that both of you are still single and unattached.”

Part 3: A Lively Discussion

Frank finally broke his silence, “So you think my problem is that I don’t have a girlfriend?” “Yeah, you think we have problems because we don’t have girlfriends?”, seconded Steve. “Well, there are people who enjoy being alone, but apparently, you Frank is getting crazy without one.”

“You must be crazy, Amie. Where did you get such a crazy idea?”, said the red faced Frank, “I’ll have you know that nothing would make me more happier than being my own boss.” “And what happens when you become your own boss, Frank? What comes after that?”

Frank became silent. He knew that deep in his heart he wanted someday to start a family. Even Steve tried to hide what he was feeling right now. He also knows that something was missing from his life.

“If you’re so wise, Amie, tell us what we should do?”, pleaded Steve. “Well, with you Frank, it’s just a matter of walking over to that beautiful girl whose been eyeing you from that table,” almost laughed Amie as she pointed a beautiful girl across the bar.

Frank looked at the beautiful girl and then looked at Amie, “She’s so beautiful. I think she’s out of my league.” “Well, Frank. You said you wanted to be a boss,” smirked Amie, “let’s see if you’ve got the balls to be one.”

Part 4: Separated Friends

A week has passed and both men were once again back in the bar. They were however not drinking with each other anymore. Frank was happily eating and drinking with the beautiful girl he introduced himself to.

Steve was drinking all on his own at the bar counter, but he has no regrets that he and Frank were not drinking with each other anymore. He knows that Frank was now a changed man. He doesn’t complain about his job. He seemed like a contented man now.

“Too bad I broke up you and your drinking buddy, Steve,” apologized Amie. “Oh no, I’m actually happy seeing Frank happy these days. He seems like a very changed man.”

Part 5: New Friend

“You know, Amie. If Frank and I hadn’t talked to you last week, I wouldn’t have known how smart and deep of a person you are.” “Why, you think before that I was just an ordinary dumb bartender?”

“No, it’s nothing of that sort, Amie. What I’m trying to say is that your intuition is extraordinary.” “I’m flattered, Steve, but you still have to pay for your beer.” “And you’re funny even though you’re trying to sound grouchy,” laughed Steve. “My jokes are ten dollars each,” laughed Amie.

“So, are you doing anything during the weekend, Amie?”, suddenly said Steve. “I’m already taken, Steve,” frowned Amie. “Then how come you’re not wearing a ring?”, grinned Steve.

“So you now know how I guessed that you and Frank are still single,” laughed Amie. “Did you know that I spent an entire week thinking how you were able to guess that both me and Frank were single?”

“Anybody told you that you’re crazy, Steve?”, laughed Amie, “Thinking about a problem an entire week.” “I’m that crazy, Amie, but that’s not the important point. The important point is this: Are you crazy enough to go out with me?” “Sure, Steve, I’m crazy enough to go out with you.”

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