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Loving Is Simple

Part 1: Two Is Company

Fred was eating all by himself in a McDonalds. The table he was eating on has only two chairs available and he was sitting on one of the chairs. It was lunchtime and the restaurant was crowded. Almost all the chairs in the restaurant were already occupied.

He was listening to music on his cellphone while he was eating. He was almost oblivious to what is happening in the restaurant. Suddenly, a woman carrying a tray of food stopped on his table. He removed the headphone from his ears and looked at her.

“Hi, is this chair occupied?”, she smiled. “No, it isn’t. You can sit there if you want.” “Thanks,” smiled the woman as she sat on the chair while putting her tray of food in the table.

There was silence as both of them ate their food. Each one didn’t dare to disturb the other. He put his headphone on his ears again and proceeded to listen to music while eating. He noticed that she was smiling at him while she looked at him intently.

He removed the earphone from his ears again and smiled at her, “Perhaps she wants to start a conversation with me. It would be nice to have human company while eating.” “You like Japanese City Pop,” she smiled.

He blushed, “Yes, I do. Can you hear the music from my headphone?” “A bit,” she smiled, “I listen to Japanese City Pop too.” “It’s good to know someone who listens to Japanese City Pop too. Nice to meet you.”

Part 2: Why Are You Alone?

“I’m Fred,” he smiled. “And I’m Beth,” she smiled, “it’s good to meet a fellow City Pop lover.” Both of them began exchanging information about themselves while they ate.

Ultimately, their conversation boiled down to why both of them were eating alone in a McDonalds restaurant on a weekend. “I know it’s crazy,” she smiled, “but I find myself alone always even after having several boyfriends.”

“The same goes here,” he said, “I also always find myself alone even after having several girlfriends.” Both of them laughed.

“We must both be very picky,” she smiled, “we can’t seem to find the perfect partner.” He sighed, “I don’t think so, at least for me. I fall in love easily. I only have to know a woman a little to fall in love with her.”

“Then why do you leave your girlfriends?” “Correction, Beth, it is not I who leave my girlfriends. It is them that leave me.” “Oh, I’m sorry, Fred.”

Part 3: Why Do They Leave You?

There was a long silence between them. They both returned to eating their meals. It was as if they have just discussed something that was best left alone. “You know, I don’t get women,” he said as he broke the silence.

“What are you trying to say, Fred?” “I have a decent job. I regularly show my affection to my girlfriends, but they still leave me. A few of them told me that their relationships with me are boring.”

“I think I know what you’re trying to say, Fred. I also experience the same thing with my past boyfriends. They also tell me that I was a very boring person. They want a girl that they see on social media.”

Both of them laughed. “I guess we’re just too plain boring for our partners,” he chuckled. “I guess so.”

Part 4: How About The Two Of Us?

“I just want a woman who would be with me and love me,” he smiled, “that’s how simple am I.” “I want the same thing too,” she smiled, “I don’t want to be involved in high maintenance relationships.”

They looked at each other intently. They felt a certain bond between them but one which they can’t explain. It’s as if both of them found someone who fits their personality perfectly. They even noticed that they were eating the same simple McDonalds meal.

“I hope you won’t mind it,” he smiled but with a nervous tone, “but is there any way that I can speak with you again?” “Sure, here’s my number fellow City Pop lover,” she said as she proceeded to give her cellphone number.

She looked at her watch, “I think I better go now, I still have to buy my groceries.” “I too,” he smiled. Both of them realized that each one bought only basic grocery goods.

This endeared both to each other even more. “I think we’ll make good friends,” he smiled, “we shop simply, our needs are simple and we even love simply.”

She looked at him intently before they parted ways, “You’re a simple man, Fred. You’re easy to like and even love.”

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