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Sugarcoated Words

Part 1: His Chubbiness

The giant mothership named “Overseer” hovered near the space boundaries of the planet “Gluton”. It was a newly discovered planet that is now under the jurisdiction of the galactic empire of Earth.

The representative of Earth to this particular version of galactic space, Ambassador Obes sits on his giant desk which is filled with all kinds of food which came from all parts of the galaxy which Earth now controls.

He looked outside the large window of his room where planet Gluton shows. “I wonder what kind of wonderful food is in this planet,” smiled Obes, “maybe I’ll get to try another specie of meat from another inferior animal.”

Part 2: Traditional Politician

The small spaceship of Obes landed on the capital city of Gluton. He was greeted by Ambassador Sly who extended one of his slimy tentacles to shake the hand of Obes. The two creatures exchanged handshakes despite Sly leaving some slime in the hands of Obes.

“According to our records, humans landed on this planet a few centuries ago but I don’t seem to find any humans walking the streets,” said Obes. “There are humans on this planet, they’re just somewhere else right now,” replied Sly.

“This seems strange, our advanced patrols have not been able to locate any humans even though they arrived weeks ago,” frowned Obes. “That’s because they’re in the farms and factories,” said Sly while clearing his throat.

It does not matter. We can discuss about everything after we eat. My advanced patrols tell me that the foods in your restaurants are very delicious. “I’ll gladly take you to the best restaurant in our small planet,” smiled Sly.

Part 3: At The Restaurant

“No, I will get to choose the restaurant where we eat,” said Obes in a raised voice, “I want to know how the poorest of your species gets to live so we can study them. Our research teams have actually located the poorest people in your planet.”

“But they might not be welcoming of humans yet,” protested Sly, “they might still not know that humans have already conquered this planet.” “What better way for them to know than for the humans themselves to tell them,” smiled Obes.

About a dozen small spaceships descended on the poorest part of the planet Gluton. The mere sight of Obes and the other humans sparked wide eyed reactions from the local creatures. “I’m surprised,” smiled Obes, “the poorest part of your planet is actually much better than Earth.”

“As you can see,” smiled Sly, “there are also other creatures from other planets who have immigrated to this part of our planet. They live harmoniously with us.” “Enough talk, Sly,” smiled Obes, “I’m now ready to eat.”

“I know of a good restaurant in this place, we’ll eat there,” smiled Sly with pride. “Nonsense, one of my scouts saw a restaurant with a sign saying: We serve humans here. I want to eat at this restaurant.”

Sly immediately turned red and protested, “Please don’t eat at that restaurant, the food there is not great. I’ll take you somewhere else.” “Nonsense Sly, the restaurant must specialize in food that humans love. I’ll eat there.”

Sly didn’t respond but followed Obes and his men as they entered the restaurant. All the different creatures eating in the restaurant gave them a nervous look. Some tried to leave but were stopped by the men of Obes.

Part 4: The Food

The waitress of the restaurant who was the same specie as Sly approached nervously, “Can I serve you anything Ambassador Sly?” “Just serve us some of the best seafood you’ve got here,” nervously said Sly.

“Nonsense,” almost shouted Obes, “I’ll order what I want. Give me the menu waitress.” The waitress nervously handed Obes the menu. “What’s this dish called: ‘The Best Human Food’?”, pointed Obes at the letters on the menu.

“Oh no human, that food is not meant for humans, it’s actually…” The waitress was about to speak some more when Sly interrupted, “What the waitress is trying to say Obes is that the dish is not made to be eaten by humans like you.”

Obes was perplexed, “But it says: ‘The Best Human Food,’ how can it not be meant for humans?” Suddenly, everyone heard the shouting of a human from inside the restaurant.

Obes and his men immediately entered the kitchen of the restaurant and saw humans being slaughtered for food. “You eat humans in this planet?”, shouted Obes at Sly.

“Yes, we have been breeding humans for centuries here as food,” said Sly who was clearly fearful for his life. “But you said that other humans were in farms and factories, working?”

“They’re in farms being bred and in factories were they’re butchered and packed,” said Sly who was clearly shaking, “we were trying to hide the truth from you humans, but I guess we cannot hide a centuries old secret.”

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