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Heavenly Bodies

Part 1: Bad Weather

Paul was happily driving across the Montana Highway in America together with John. Both of them were middle aged men who enjoy hunting. Both of them have their own rifles which they use to shoot wild game.

It was hunting season once again and they were very happy. Last year, they shot a big deer and are looking forward to shooting another one today. They were now nearing their hunting grounds.

“Look at the weather, Paul,” said John, “looks like its gonna rain. Perhaps we should come back another day.” “It’s just some dark clouds,” said Paul, “it’s not gonna rain. We’ve been through much worse.”

“The weather is really unpredictable,” said John, “a couple of minutes ago it was all sunshine and then we have this, dark clouds suddenly.” “But this weather would be better for us,” said Paul, “not many hunters would hunt in this weather.”

“You’re right,” said John as he grinned, “but I also don’t want to hunt in a weather like this.” “Oh cmon,” said Paul, “we’re almost at our hunting grounds, don’t tell me that you’re backing out.”

“I’m not saying that I’m backing out,” said John, “but there’s something ominous about these clouds. It’s like they’re telling us that there’s something bad that is about to happen. Can you feel it too, Paul?”

“You’re getting superstitious in your old age, John,” said Paul as he laughed, “you’re getting scared over a few dark clouds.” John frowned, “I’m not superstitious, Paul. These cloud formations are really different.”

Part 2: Light In The Rain

The two men parked their pickup in a secluded place and headed out to their hunting grounds. They were already in a clearing when the rain poured hard suddenly. Both men struggled to find a tree which could cover them from the rain.

Luckily for them, they found a clump of trees which gave them protection from the rain. These clump of trees were in the edge of a large woodland clearing. The woodland clearing gave them an idea of how large the bad weather was.

“It looks like even if we wanted to avoid the rain, we can’t,” said Paul, “the dark clouds stretch for miles and miles. It looks like there’s no end to them.” “There’s something strange happening,” said John, “a few minutes ago, the skies were clear.”

“It’s just bad weather,” said Paul as he laughed, “I’m sure that we’re just having another freaky storm or something.” “I really feel that we should leave now,” said John, “there’s something not right about everything.” “Are you seeing the light?”, asked Paul suddenly, “Do you see it John?”

John’s eyes widened, “I can’t believe it. There is a ray of light coming from the rain.” Before both of the men can assess their situation, a fireball suddenly crashed in the woodland clearing. The ground shook and both men collapsed to the ground.

Part 3: The Sword From The Sky

When both men were able to stand up once again, they noticed that there was still a ray of light coming from the sky. But where the ray of light from the sky touched the ground, they can see that there was a big and shiny sword firmly planted in the ground.

“Look at that big and magnificent sword planted in the ground,” said Paul, “it came from the sky.” “Maybe we should get out of here,” said John, “that sword is bad news. I can feel it.”

“Maybe its expensive or could even be powerful,” said Paul, “we need to take it. It’s ours. We found it.” “Let’s just leave the sword,” said John, “we don’t know where its from or who owns it.”

Paul proceeded to where the sword was planted and took it out from the ground, “Look John, the handle looks like it’s made out of gold. This thing could be worth millions.” “I want no part in it,” said John, “I’m staying put here.”

Part 4: The Angel And The Demon

Suddenly, John shouted as he pointed his finger in the sky, “Get out of there Paul. Get out now.” Paul looked up and saw two winged beings fighting in midair. One looked like an angel while the other looked like a demon.

Paul and John hid in on some bushes where they won’t be seen and observed as the two beings fought midair for several minutes and then crashed to the ground, both beings continued to battle and it looked like they were evenly matched. Not one of them can gain the upper hand to the other.

“The armageddon has come,” said John, “the angels and the demons are now fighting here on earth. We should pray.” “We can’t let the demon win,” said Paul, “we must help the angel so we can be saved.”

Part 5: The Choice

“Are you sure we should help the angel?”, asked John, “What if they’re both evil?” “These creatures are clearly from the heavens,” said Paul, “why else would they look like an angel and a demon?”

The two beings suddenly stopped fighting and extended their hands to their side. As if in response to the action of these two beings, the sword in Paul’s hand suddenly brightened up. It was so bright that the two beings suddenly looked at the bushes were Paul and John were hiding.

The demon looking being waved his hand and immediately, the bushes where Paul and John were hiding parted ways, exposing them. The two beings both made gestures asking Paul to hand over the sword to them.

Paul prepared to throw the sword in the direction of the angel when John stopped him, “Don’t be too hasty Paul, that angelic being could be a demon in disguise.” “We have no choice,” said Paul, “we don’t know any of them.”

Paul threw the sword towards the angelic being who immediately caught it with her one hand. She pointed the sword at the demonic being and almost instantly, the demonic being collapsed to the ground.

Part 6: The Reason

The angelic looking being then approached Paul and John who were so scared that they were unable to run. She smiled at Paul, “Why did you give me the sword? Is it because I look like an angel?”

“Y-Yes, that’s the reason,” said Paul as he cleared his throat, “we thought you were an angel. Are you one?” The angelic looking laughed and almost immediately turned into a demonic being which is similar to the one she fought.

“I’m not an angel,” said the angelic looking who have turned into a demonic being now, “I merely know that earth people in this location of your planet have a very positive attitude towards women that have white wings and dress in white human clothes.”

“Are you going to kill us?”, asked Paul as he held the shoulder of John who was equally nervous. “I won’t,” said the being who now looked like a demon, “I’m actually a police from another planet.”

The alien picked up the being she has just defeated and pointed the sword towards the sky which has now become very sunny, “You earth people can be very funny, in our planet, the beings you call angels are pests that regularly attack innocent beings…”

The alien started to levitate upwards in the sky together with its captured being, “But in your planet, you adore these pests, what a strange galaxy we all live in.”

Part 7: Calling It A Day

John suddenly took his mobile phone from his pocket and took a picture of now the fast disappearing alien. Paul did the same. Both men took as many pictures of the alien as they possibly can.

When the alien was truly gone, both men embraced each other and mocked dancing. “I can’t believe that we saw an alien and she let us live,” said John, “I almost thought we were goners.” “You think anyone would believe these pictures?”, asked Paul, “We may even get famous.”

“Forget it, Paul,” said John, “we should just be thankful that we’re still alive.” “You’re right,” said Paul, “that alien police could have killed us with her sword.” “What do we do now?”, asked John, “It’s now sunny again.”

Paul smiled as he pointed to a deer that was grazing at a distance, “It’s now a fine day for hunting. Let’s now waste it.”