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The Next Stage For The Entire Galaxy

It is approximately 11:00 p.m. and it is very dark in bedroom he is working on. But George aided with a small night lamp whose cover was missing continued working on his contraption. His wooden table was full of spare parts from old mechanical machines he salvaged from junk shops and garbage bins.

He is an old man now. Decades of working as a lowly maintenance man for a factory in their town has taken its toll on his financial and personal life. He lives in a small town where opportunities are limited. His employer is in fact the best employer in town but his meager salary only affords him to live a very basic of life.

His low salary plus the fact that he can be very distant might have been the factors why his wife of several years left him. He is all alone now in his small, old and wooden house which has not been maintained in years. He is always all alone with his computer and books. This continued well into his retirement.

He loved reading everything about science. He loved new science discoveries, new inventions and science fiction. People in his small town know that he was a smart man but they also know that he can be very weird. He would bore his friends with his talks about science when his friends mainly wanted to talk about entertainment and sports.

This has made him sort of a recluse. His friends never worried about not hearing or seeing him for weeks. They know he is either engrossed reading books or with binge watching science fiction movies on cable.

But in spite of his knowledge and his talks about science it never resulted in anything. His friends dismiss him as another charlatan who is kind and smart but will not result into anything. His friends just laugh at him behind his back.

This went on until he discovered the internet. His friends were frequently talking about the videos they watched online and many of them were telling him that now they know what he knows. Some were even telling him that he is not smart at all and what he knows is just a common thing these days.

George was shown by one of his friends what the internet looked like and what information can be derived from it. This was all George needed and within weeks he had his own internet connection. Within days he has stopped watching television and reading books in favor of internet surfing.

For the first time in his life George felt that life has no boundaries. He would spend all his available time surfing online. His knowledge of science accelerated and he was very delighted when he saw amateur inventors being able to create their inventions right in their own homes rather than in formal research facilities.

He tried inventing himself. He was able to create crude inventions using only materials that can be bought from hardware shops and grocery stores. This continued on for months and he was very happy. When friends asked what he was doing now he merely says that he is busy inventing. His friends continued to laugh behind his back.

Then one day he came upon a video about perpetual machines. No one has ever invented a truly functioning perpetual machine and the scientific community has largely dismissed it as a scientific impossibility.

But for George the very idea of inventing a functioning perpetual machine excites him. He felt that for once he was doing something meaningful in his life. He is one of the many people in the world trying to build a safe source of infinite energy for humanity.

He began researching online for all the available information about perpetual machines he can find. Just as he suspected the designs of the perpetual machines he found online were all defective. He also began to suspect that he might have a clue of how to improve the designs of a few of them.

He toiled for months trying to build his own perpetual machine but all his efforts were in vain. Perpetual machines depend on an endless cycle of creating and using energy and science laws strictly says that there is no such thing as a perfect energy loop.

This means that there would be energy loss with each cycle of creating and using energy that sooner or later a perpetual motion would lose all energy and stop. George finally admitted to the fact the he cannot make a perpetual machine.

But there was one good thing that resulted from all his experimentation. He noticed that one of his contraptions was able to double the energy output of its input. It was like putting one dollar into a coin machine and getting two dollars from it.

Then he also realized that this contraption can be hooked up to a similar contraption and the results will be magnified. This means that if you hook similar contraptions together you can theoretically magnify the results infinitely.

To use the coin machine analogy: If you put one dollar in a coin machine it could theoretically produce one hundred dollars or more using one big coin machine.

He began to excitedly talk about it to his friends but they never took him seriously. But he took his invention seriously. He began researching how he can make money with his invention, the right people to contact regarding his invention and the legal issues surrounding ownership of his invention.

Then she met Tanya online. Correction, they did not meet online instead a certain Tanya called her. She introduced herself as a businessperson who was interested in his contraption. She informed him that she saw one of his messages online soliciting for funding for inventions.

He was delighted. Finally there was someone who is taking interest on him and his inventions. They talked about his invention and the possible money he can make from it. In the end he agreed to give her a demonstration of his contraption in one weeks time.

Then true to his word he contacted her for his online demonstration. To his surprise she was easy to contact and told him he has her undivided attention. Then he showed a setup where a square contraption was covered with cloth such that you cannot see what is inside it.

The only thing showing were the two pairs of levers that were at opposite ends of the contraption and were parallel to the top of a table were it sits. They were in the middle part of the contraption. He said: “I will put one dollar in this lever and then you observe what happens on the lever on the opposite side.”

The lever where he placed the one dollar coin dropped from the middle to the bottom of the contraption. Then he said: “I will now put two one dollar coins at the opposite end.” He took the one dollar coin from the first lever and put two one dollar coins in the second lever.

Nothing happened. Then he again placed the one dollar coin in the first lever. The lever with the two one dollar coins dropped to the bottom of the contraption in the same time as the lever with the one dollar coin dropped.

He repeated this several times as he explained that he was able to make two one dollar coins drop using only a single one dollar coin. Tanya was delighted. She wanted him to remove the cloth which covers his contraption but he insisted on a contract first.

She agreed to meet him personally in his house. She also says that she would be bringing with her $1 million dollars in cash to seal the deal. He was delighted and said that he would make a proper prototype which she would be able to understand unlike his current contraption which is very confusing.

She said he should give her a call and insisted that the prototype be something that she can afford so she can easily patent it. He was ecstatic and proceeded to create a real prototype of his invention.

Her promise of $1 million dollars excited him but also made him fearful for his invention. For the first time in months he became more observant of his environment. He began going out and into the porch of his house to observe.

Last time he remembered there was hardly anyone during daytime in his street. Now he sees a postman almost everyday as well as a street cleaner. “When did we have a street cleaner?” He said to himself as he begins to be suspicious.

Then at night he would hear the sounds of airplanes and cars passing by his house. Passing airplanes and cars were nothing new but he noticed that they were more frequent and there seems to be a pattern. He can time the intervals in which he hears them passing by.

Then he notices men passing by his house at night. Again nothing extraordinary except for the fact that he notices they seem to come and go at a certain time. He also begins to suspect that the people passing by his house at night are the same people.

“Maybe they are after my invention?” He says to himself as he made precautions to ensure that his invention would not be stolen like ensuring that his house is properly secured. He even went as far as making the disassembly of his invention very fast so he can disassemble it anytime there is a threat of it being taken from him.

Then he finished the prototype of his invention. As agreed he called Tanya and in no time at all she appeared in his house. She had an expensive car which impressed him. But what made him fearful a bit is when he noticed that she was with two other women.

Tanya as if sensing this instructed her companions to stay in the car. Tanya was very eager to see his invention. She immediately showed him the $1 million dollar she promised. She also told him that she has another $5 million waiting for him in her car should he sign the contract.

George read the contacts she handed out and studied them for a while. He began to notice that she smoked cigarettes continuously and put way too much sugar in her coffee. In fact she asked him if she can make more coffee herself. He just nodded in agreement.

Then he signed the contracts in agreement to her terms. “Now I want to see your invention. Don’t hide anything!” She said to him. George unlocked his bedroom and took the invention from beneath his bed.

He then proceeded to demonstrate how his invention works. “Now explain to me how theoretically we could gain infinite energy from your invention.” She said this while grinning. He explained it to her while again demonstrating it using his invention.

She said at the end of his explanation: “I am satisfied and now you are coming with us!” Then she produced some sort of a space gun and instructed him to come along. He protested. She fired a warning shot by burning a piece of the wall using her gun.

This was when the outside of the house became engulfed in a very bright light. Then he heard voices shouting outside the house but they were alien to him. Tanya began shouting also in an alien language. He does not understand anything but he can tell she was angry.

Then Tanya pointed her gun at him but before she can fire bursts of laser fire came from outside the house. The shots went pass the walls of his wooden house and into Tanya’s body. She fell on the floor with a loud thud. Blue liquid was coming out from the holes made by the lasers shots in her body.

Then he heard his doors being violently opened. Without warning three huge ant-like creatures with guns appeared. They were escorting a human woman dressed in some sort of astronaut overalls.

She said to him: “Hurry George Gillman you need to come with us. There is not much time. Your life is in danger!” He was scared of the ant-like creatures with guns but he took solace that a human woman was now speaking to him.

The woman took his hand as they left his house. Outside the house was a spaceship the size of two cars waiting for them. He knew they were going to put him in the spaceship. He stopped walking and looked all around him. He was so shocked inside the house that he did not hear that there was a battle going outside his house which he only realize now.

There were alien creatures of all kinds including human-like creatures with different skin colors firing at each other. There were giant machines on the ground pitted against other giant machines as well. When he looked into the sky he saw spaceships of all sizes fighting each. Some were the size of two cars while the biggest ones were the size of a street block. There was battle everywhere he looked.

His hesitation left him. He quickly boarded the space ship and from the windows he saw a few of the huge spaceships crash to the ground leveling the ground where they fell. There was disbelief in his eyes. These aliens were destroying his town with their battle!

Then he noticed that they were escaping earth’s gravity and into space. The carnage of battle followed their spaceship. Much bigger spaceships were now battling each other. He noticed that every combatant seems to be avoiding hitting their spaceship. At times there would be spaceships that would block their path but they would be easily dispatched by the lasers from other spaceships.

Their spaceship soon entered the belly of a city-sized spaceship. They disembarked and went to the spaceship’s bridge were he sees more aliens of all kind of forms. The human woman handed him an earpiece and instructed him to wear it. Upon wearing it he began to understand what all the aliens were saying.

A werewolf-like creature instructed the crew to leave earth and fly at warp speed. The human woman protested. She said to the werewolf-like creature: “We cannot leave our companions behind. They will be trapped fighting in earth!”

The werewolf-like creature replied: “Creatures from entire solar systems would die if we do not bring Honorable George Gillman to safety! Our companion’s sacrifice here on earth would not be in vain if we save Honorable George Gillman.”

With this the werewolf-like creature gave his final flight commands and their spaceship went out into space at warp speed leaving earth and the fighting that was now happening. George cannot believe what was happening to him. First the alien battles in his hometown and now he was being taken to a place in the universe he knows nothing about.

He turned to the human woman and asked: “What is going on?” Then he noticed that the human woman had small fangs and when she arranged her hair into a ponytail it revealed ears that were not of humans but more catlike.

He grew frightened but the human woman who was more like a cat-like human now assured him: “You have nothing to worry about. We are good creatures. We actually saved you from a fate worst than death.”

She continued: “Tanya the alien creature whom you taught was human was out to kidnap you. Her race does not cooperate well with other races. They are a war-like race and use force to get what they want. They have slaughtered and enslaved entire alien races in their path.”

George asked: “Are they after my invention? What’s so special about it?” She replied in a serious tone: “You have invented a source of power greater than suns and any other natural energy sources on planets. You have invented a nearly infinite source of energy that could be powered by even the weakest of creatures.”

The werewolf-like creature then joined them and spoke: “You underestimate the power of your invention. Entire solar systems are dying because their suns are dying. These planet’s natural energy sources are already depleted.”

He further continued: “Your simple invention can replace suns and natural energy sources. This is the reason why every race in the galaxy is after it and are after you. We want to save our planets while our enemy races want to use your invention to power their death machines.”

George Gillman does not know what to say as their spaceship approached a planet with a dying sun. He just hopes he belongs to the right side in this galactic-wide battle.