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I Know You’re Alone

Part 1: I Don’t Want To Hear Anything From Anyone

Bobby was a work from home computer programmer just like his friends, Anthony and Dalton, who also live with him in the same apartment. Bobby preferred to live by himself in his room while Anthony and Dalton shared the same room.

There is a stark contrast between Bobby, Anthony and Dalton. Bobby was fat and likes to eat a lot while binging on streamed movies while Anthony and Dalton were health conscious and outgoing.
“Your food is unhealthy, Bobby. It could kill you,” smiled Anthony as he passed Bobby who was on his way to his room carrying a large bag of junk food and beer. “Mind your own business, Anthony,” frowned Bobby, “I don’t complain when you eat healthy.”

“What’s there to complain for eating healthy?” Asked Dalton who appeared by their side after finishing his workout routine. “Healthy foods are not delicious, Dalton,” snorted Bobby, “they’re just food for animals.”

“But what you’re eating is clogging your arteries, Bobby,” smiled Anthony, “if you want, we’ll cook you something healthy but also delicious.” “No thanks,” frowned Bobby, “what you eat is grass meant only for animals.”

Part 2: The Sign

“But just try our cooking so that you’ll see that what we are eating is both healthy and delicious,” pleaded Anthony. “I said, thanks but no thanks, Anthony. Mind your own business.”

Bobby opened his room and in what seems to be an insult to Anthony and Dalton, he put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door lock. Anthony and Dalton just sighed as they proceeded to eat their own healthy meal.

Part 3: The Movie

As usual, Bobby locked the door of his room before placing his bag of junk food in front of his laptop. He then proceeded to surf Netflix for movies he would like to watch while he’s eating his junk food.

Bobby liked watching old horror movies so he settled for a 70s horror classic about demon women who killed their victims after they have seduced them. “There’s sure to be a lot of nudity in this movie,” Bobby smiled.

And he was right. The horror movie he was watching was a sexploitation movie full of nudity. He hungrily ate his greasy junk food while being aroused by the sexy women he was seeing on his computer.

Then out of nowhere, the demon woman in the movie stared directly at Bobby and with an evil smile said: “I know you’re alone,” and then disrobed. Bobby was so aroused that he stopped eating all of a sudden and paused his laptop.

Part 4: Frozen

But suddenly, Bobby felt something different. His heart seemed to be in pain. It was as if his heart has just been stabbed with a knife. He clutched his chest but if was of no use. He can feel that his body was slowly getting numb.

He is by now helpless as his heart attack paralyzed his body. He was frozen in a position where he is directly staring at the sexy body of the demon woman who was smiling at him directly. It was as if the demon woman in his screen was laughing at him.

He wanted to call out Anthony and Dalton, but no words came out of his mouth. His mouth was also paralyzed from his heart attack. He also knows that the two won’t come to him because he put the “do not disturb” sign on his door.

Part 5: No Trace

It was only after a couple of days before Anthony and Dalton realized that Bobby was already dead for days. If it was not for the stench emanating from Bobby’s dead body, Anthony and Dalton wouldn’t have forcibly opened his door.

It was ruled out by the police investigators that Bobby died from a heart attack as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The battery of his laptop have been dead for days that is why no one knows what he was doing with his computer the day he died.

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