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The Weakness

Part 1: Happier Times

Young Magda was married to a very old mobster, Pedro. but she didn’t care. All she wanted from him was all the money and expensive gifts he kept buying her. She had a money allowance that is the envy of ordinary working class people.

He has already brought her a few luxury sedans as well as a few sports cars. Her wardrobe was full of expensive clothes especially shoes and furs. When she desires something, he gives it to her.

This was especially true of jewelry which she has a near obsessive fondness for. She seemed to can’t get enough of jewelry. The more expensive they are, the more she craves for them. In fact, one of her most precious possession was a necklace adorned with gold and precious stones.

It cost him a lot, but it didn’t matter to him. All that he requested from her is to take care of the necklace and to always keep it by her side. And she has no problems with his request. She always wore the necklace and kept it by her side.

Despite their big age difference and despite the fact that he was a mob boss, she loved him and they have a very loving relationship. He even proudly proclaimed to his men that she was his queen and that all her orders are to be followed.

Part 2: The Heart Changes

She and Pedro have a very loyal relationship for a long time, but things soon changed with the arrival of Armando. He was young, good looking and his bravado and wise antics endeared him to her.

Soon, they have a secret relationship which was no secret at all to some people including a few of Pedro’s men. Sometimes, Magda wondered why Pedro hadn’t confronted her about Armando. It was obvious to her that any minute now, Pedro may confront her about Armando.

Part 3: Running Away

She and Armando decided to run away. She somehow persuaded Pedro to let Armando drive her out of the heavily guarded mansion where Pedro, her as well as some of the other gang members permanently live.

But she didn’t run away empty handed, she brought along all the money she can take as well as all the jewelry she can take. Her heart almost skipped a beat when Pedro asked why she and Armando were carrying such large bags.

She doesn’t know if Pedro believed her story that she was bringing her old clothes to donate to a charitable event, all that was important to her is that Pedro allowed her to go with Armando. They carefully made sure that they were not being followed when they ran away.

They kept changing their locations everyday to make sure that Pedro and his men would not be able to follow or trace them. Lucky for them, a week has passed without them even seeing the shadow of Pedro and his men.

They eventually stopped running away when they have reached the home of Armando’s parents who welcomed them with open arms. Two uneventful days passed by and the lovers spent it all in each other’s arms.

Part 4: Fatal Weakness

It was past midnight and everyone was sleeping in Armando’s household, when someone carefully and silently opened the main door. Armando still have not forgotten his mobster instincts and decided to see together with his gun in hand who opened the main door.

But he was quickly grabbed by Pedro’s men who were more agile and quicker than him. When Armando, his parents and Magda woke up, they were in some kind of a butcher storage room. Pedro and his men were insulated from the coldness of the storage room, but not Armando and the others.

They were all tied up and freezing as it is. In front of them, Pedro was seated in a chair flanked by his men. He looked delighted as he observed Magda, Armando and Armando’s parents freezing painfully.

Magda cried, “Please, Pedro. Let me go. It’s all Armando’s fault. He tempted me.” “It’s too late now, darling,” grinned Pedro, “I have a new young wife already waiting for me in our mansion. You have no use to me now, dear.”

“Please forgive me, husband. I won’t complain that you’ve got a new wife now. Just please let me go.” “Perhaps you don’t fully know me, Magda,” grinned Pedro, “you should have asked me about my past life. You only talk to me when you want something.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked while slowly feeling her body freeze. “When I was young, the only woman I loved left me taking all the money I had. I promised there and then that I would kill her and any woman like her. You’re just like her, Magda.”

“Perhaps you are wondering how I was able to trace you,” he continued as he took out her favorite necklace and took out a small hidden microchip inside it. He doesn’t need to explain to Magda the rest, she knew that her weakness for jewelry was her undoing.

Pedro stood up and put the necklace in Magda’s neck, “There. At least you would freeze to death together with your favorite necklace.” Pedro and his men then left the storage room and the meat storage room became very dark.

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