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The Source

Part 1: A Strange Place

Steve woke up with his hand and feet all tied up by restraining straps. He was tied up to a hospital bed and was wearing a white hospital gown. He was alone in a brightly lit white room with no furniture except the hospital bed were he is strapped in.

He shouted and shouted, but no one seems to hear him from outside the room. He shouted for maybe half an hour before he got tired and quieted down. He tried shouting again after about an hour but it was the same. He was met by silence all around him.

He then got angry, and to his surprise he was able to break free from the restraining straps which bounded his hands. He then removed the restraining straps on his legs and alighted from the hospital bed.

He went towards the door of his room and started hitting it with the edges of his clenched fists. He tried shouting again to check if anyone could hear him outside his room. But just like the last time, he was met with silence.

He tried hitting the door harder and harder. After a while, he noticed that the door was developing dents as a result of him hitting it with the edges of his clenched fists. He was also surprised that his hands didn’t hurt despite the fact that he was hitting a solid steel door.

He doesn’t have a sense of time because he does not have a watch. Even the empty room he was in doesn’t have a watch or even a small clock in it. All he knows is that he’s been pounding at the door for hours and even maybe for a day now already.

Another thing he noticed is that he doesn’t seem to feel tired at all. He knows that he has been hitting the door non-stop and that he should be at least a bit tired now. But all these strange facts doesn’t matter to him, all he cared about was getting out of the room.

Part 2: The Outside

After what seems like an eternity for him. He heard a clicking sound, “The door must be opening now. I must have triggered the door to unlock.” He doubled his efforts to pound the door. Soon he heard a creaking sound. He tried to push the door and to his surprise and delight, it slowly opened up. He became very nervous when it turned out that the door was a solid steel vault door.

“Am I in a vault? Who put me here?” He pushed the solid steel vault all the way open. He was surprised when he realized that the room he was previously in was in the middle of another room which was much bigger. The walls of the room was lined with steel and it again had another steel door.

He was frustrated. He had hoped to see people in the outside of his previous room. If not people, he at least hoped that he would be able to see a bit of the outside world like animals, plants and trees.

“Why was I put in these rooms? Is there some reason why I have been locked away in these rooms like some sort of a treasure or a criminal?” He looked at the next steel door which he guessed by now is another solid steel vault door.

Part 3: Remembrance

After a while he started pounding at the door of the bigger room he was in. As he pounded the solid steel door, he started to think of the last things he remembered before waking up in these strange rooms.

“I’m an archeologist. I was examining a tomb in a pyramid in the Amazon jungles when I felt that I was dying. The last faces I remembered were the faces of my fellow archeologist as they came to my side to aid me.”

Part 4: Devastation

He was finally able to open the second solid steel vault that was blocking his path to freedom. Like the last steel vault door, it blocked him for about several hours before it also gave way. He smiled as he slowly opened the door. He can see the rays of sunlight just outside the door.

When he had fully opened the steel vault door, he realized that the room he was in was a broken down command center. There were nonfunctioning computers all over the place. The glass windows of the command center were also broken.

But what surprised him was the numerous dead bodies all over the place. He can see that the bodies have decomposed already and all that was left of them were their skeletons. What surprised him was that all the dead bodies were wearing fully sealed protective suits.

The protective suits to him meant that they were protecting themselves from some kind of biological threat, possibly a virus or a toxic chemical agent. He can’t help that he might be connected somehow to their deaths.

He can see that a long time has passed since he collapsed and lost consciousness in a pyramid in the Amazon. Vegetation had creeped inside the control center. Grass and other plants are growing at several places of the command center.

Even the computers are not safe from the vegetation. Computer panels have been attacked by the vegetation that the command center almost resembles a ruin in a jungle. He looked at a calendar hanging in the wall, “I’ve been confined here for thirteen years? Impossible!”

Part 5: The Demon

He inspected the control panels and tried to see if there was anything in the command center that was still working. Luckily, he saw that there was a computer panel that was still working because it was connected to a solar panel.

He pressed the on switch and waited as the computer booted itself. After a while, the computer screen lit up and the immediate thing he noticed was the wallpaper of the screen which stated: “Operation Humanity. Please Press The Button.”

He clicked the press button of the computer screen and immediately the screen began playing a video. A woman in a fully sealed protective suit appeared on the screen. On her back were other people in fully sealed protective suits who were holding hands with each other.

The woman in the video cleared her throat, “If anyone can watch this video, this is humanity’s last message before we go extinct.” Steve became nervous when he heard the words ‘extinct.’ He almost doesn’t want to watch the video.

The woman continued, “Years have passed and we have tried all sorts of method to kill the demon or whatever it is that is inhabiting the body of the man in the sealed room. We have tried burning him, pouring acid in him, but he’s undamaged.”

“We won’t tell you the reason anymore why this happened. You simply don’t have the time. Our advice to you is to get out of this planet before the demon or whatever it is murders you. As long as the man in the sealed room lives, the demon is free to use it psychic ability to kill. ”

“That is right. The demon has the psychic ability to kill anyone on this planet with just a thought. It is already too late for any carbon life on this planet, but you still have a chance. Leave this planet while he doesn’t know yet that you are here...”