This website is primarily intended for people who want to earn extra income outside of work or who are intending to leave their job and earn completely on their own preferably while working from home.

I have tried to add as much money earning information as I can by the way of my personal experiences, knowledge and research. I do not profess to be an expert at making money or of being rich.

It is advised that you further research on your own any financial, career, industry or product information you find in this website interesting and want to pursue to give you a much clearer knowledge of them before trying to invest your time and resources in them.

Instead of concentrating on a certain niche or industry on ways to make money the website discusses varied ways of making money but organises them in such a way that similar ones are grouped together to maximise the potential earning knowledge of a reader should they try to branch out in other similar areas of their expertise.

There could be instances where the ideas and information presented could sound very common and well known but these ideas and information seeks to refresh the mind of the audience of good ideas and information which they could have forgotten when they became busy with life.

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Hi, my name is Russel Ison and I am a dual citizen of both the country of Australia and the Philippines. I have worked in different industries in different positions and have formally and informally studied many subjects such as science, business, sociology and so on. This I believe has given me the opportunity to analyse life from the perspective of contrasts.

One contrast will be knowing and experiencing the culture and environment of a 1st world country in Australasia and that of a developing nation in Asia. One thing I learned is that access to money affects the environment, culture and way of thinking of the people living in these nations. For example the weather seasons of a country can differently influence the daily spending budgets of people from these countries.

Another contrast will be actually experiencing knowing how different business industry work and how people in these industries earn money both formally and informally. I have worked in various industries namely Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Logistics.

I have worked as a computer programmer, held various office administration and marketing positions, became a chemical compounder and also did various factory and warehouse positions and varied work as a hotel staff. I learned about each job’s earning potential, career advancement prospects, as well as the highs and lows of doing such a job.

Many years ago I was forced to stop working due to various illnesses and needed to recuperate. While I was recuperating I updated my employability skills as well as my knowledge of the various industries I have gained experienced with. I have also researched industries I am not familiar with but interests me.

I also planned and researched about starting my own business especially businesses that can be started on a budget. Then I slowly drifted into researching online jobs and businesses that can be done while at home and by yourself.

I now concentrate on building websites and concentrating on ways to earn money while at home. This website is one result from all of this.