These people serve as examples and inspiration to all who want to start or are facing low points in their solopreneur journey or just life. These people had difficult starts and faced numerous obstacles along the way but persevered.

You may learn something from them and apply them to yourself.

Many fail, only a few succeed, but no one and nothing can stop us from trying.

Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are known for selling food whose ingredients are frozen, preheated or precooked and sold in cheap disposable packaging with the intention of being taken out of the restaurant. It is a very fast and orderly way of serving food. This concept however did not evolve overnight but took decades to be almost perfected.

The McDonalds Corporation is mainly credited for the fast food concept which many competitors copied. Today there are many fast food companies all over the world with representatives in each country. The most biggest and famous ones however originated in the USA and they have global franchises in almost all countries.

The fast food industry is very competitive and largely dominated by such big companies as KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and so on. But many of them did not start out as big well financed companies. Many of them started small and were pioneered by founders who took the risk and eventually succeeded. Even the beginnings of these founders were humble.