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Sign Holding and Spinning Business

A good way for a store or business to attract attention from passersby is by using sign holders and spinners who would direct potential customers into their store or business. Not many businesses employ these kinds of marketers and these is the reason why many people take notice. They just stand out from the normal surroundings people are used to seeing.

Directing People to Out of the Way Businesses

One answer I found online also is that businesses are not allowed to put signs on private and public properties unless they own it. Theoretically businesses that are not situated in a busy road or thoroughfare will make less sales as compared to businesses that are located in busy roads and thoroughfares.

One obvious way to increase their sales would be to hire sign holders and spinners to stand in busy roads and thoroughfares to direct potential customers to their store or business located much further to the main road or thoroughfare. People also tend to read signs when people hold them up. Signs take on a new importance when being promoted by actual people.

Can Anyone Become a Sign Holder?

Anyone can become a sign holder. There is no educational degree or training required but you must at least know what the job entails. The job requires you to stand on your feet for hours on end which could mean the entire day. There are those that attest that they would rather walk for eight hours than stand still for eight hours. It is this demanding on your feet.

I have also read in a forum thread online that there are also wheelchair bound sign holders. I did both a Google article and image search online trying to find wheelchair bound sign holders but I have found none so far. But it is entirely possible for such people to do this kind of work because the only requirement for the job is to hold a sign for hours on end in a single location.

You would also have to hold a sign for hours on end which could make your arms sore unless you pace them or alternate between each arm. Although the sign by themselves are not that heavy the act of holding them for a long period can be numbing to the muscles. There are sign holders that do not hold signs but rather hold a pole where the sign is attached.

This is less taxing to the muscles of the arm plus your feet have some kind of support to lessen the impact of standing the whole time. I however have not found if this relative ease in work due to holding a pole affects a sign holder’s compensation. However one notable thing is that a strong wind can affect your bearings whether or not you hold a pole or the sign itself.

Your body must also be weather tolerant. If you are used to working outdoors especially under intense heat from the sun or under the freezing winter then you could do the job. People who are used to working outdoors might find it challenging to difficult to unbearable or even fatal if they have to work outdoors for an entire day. An example would be people whose skin blisters when exposed to heat for long periods of time.

You Need Cheerful Always

The job of holding a sign might be easy or hard depending upon yourself. However employers demand that you keep a cheerful face and attitude while you are sign holding. It is after all an advertising/sales job and customers would have a negative outlook of the store or business you are advertising if you look unhappy. You might not get hired if you project sadness in you.

One other requirement of the job is that you interact with the passersby and potential customers. This means that you have to smile and even greet passersby when they come which could mean waving at them. You should also have a Happy Entertaining Act which could mean prancing or dancing around slightly.

I have seen many YouTube videos of sign holders and each have their own act that they do. They come in all ages from teenagers to adults. I have experience presenting to people but not on this scale where you have to perform in public to complete strangers. I can tell that this is hard and unless you have confidence presenting or performing in public then you would not be able to do the job.

Sign Spinners

A step up the notch for sign holders would be sign spinners. These are people with the athletic ability to “spin” signs in various ways that no ordinary untrained individual can do. Becoming a skilled sign spinner takes practice and time. There is even an annual championship event for professional sign spinners which takes place in Las Vegas, USA.

Can You Make Money with It?

You normally get paid an hourly minimum wage and are either employed by an agency or direct by the company or business. There are however sign holders that are good at attracting customers that businesses pay them a premium rate for their services. This is the reason why sign holders must act like business people and record the increase in business they bring in to their clients.

You can also scale this job for better profits much like any business. Once you have your fair share of becoming a sign holder and had made a list of clients that you have worked for you can recruit and train other people to do the job for you while you do the administration jobs and do the sales job of looking for clients.

As you can see there is not much capital needed to start this business. All you need are the equipments and supplies needed to make a sign. You can even outsource the sign making process to sign making companies. Then all you need to do is to provide a person to hold the sign to whom you can split the profits.

If you are doing a one person business and if you are allowed to use your mobile phone while you hold the sign you can use this time to look for clients and negotiate business. You can also wear a shirt which advertises your sign holding business for prospective clients to see. Be sure to visibly put your contact details on your shirt.

If you are a sign holder most especially a sign spinner you could also make money teaching your sign spinning skills as well as business knowledge to would be sign holders and spinners. You could also

perform as a carnival act and perform at entertainment venues. You could also be a busker or a street performer in addition to promoting a business or store.


Sign holding is advertising, marketing and entertaining all rolled into one. That is why unless you have the confidence and skill in performing in public you would not make it far in this business. It also requires a certain level of physical fitness and health to perform. This job could be a path towards many jobs which includes advertising, sales, marketing and entertainment because it builds confidence and presentation skills to the right people.


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