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Intelligent Devices Increase Productivity

Electronics and IT have become so ingrained in our lives that not a day passes without us using them or being exposed to them. We have them in our homes and in the places of work where they have taken over. We simply cannot work without using one.

Mobiles. We need to communicate with our contacts and as a test device for the Apps if you are a developer of apps. Having an iPhone is essential if you want to develop iPhone Apps. Everybody knows that iPhones are expensive as compared to Android mobiles.

Many app developers want to have an iPhone because statistically iPhone users pay more for apps than Android users which means that iPhone developers potentially will make more money than developing apps for Android phones. This is not true now. There are many app developers now who make a good living developing only apps for Android.

PC/Laptop. You can now do a lot of things with your mobile or tablet. There are now many things that were used to be only done with a PC/laptop that are now done with mobiles and tablets. If you are serious however with producing quality and efficient digital content you still need to use a PC/laptop. You still need a PC/laptop to program softwares.

Take note however that you can develop softwares and apps for use in Windows computers and Android phones using an Apple PC/laptop but you cannot develop softwares and apps for Apple computers and phones using Windows computers and Android phones. This is the reason why many computer developers at least own an Apple computer and phone.

Tablets. They increase your productivity by acting as a secondary screen or support to your main workhorse which is your PC/laptop. Tablet hardware and apps technology have increased however to such a point that many people have replaced their PC/laptops with tablets especially if they are only using office productivity and graphics work.

Tablets are also more portable and much more convenient to use whenever you are away from your desk. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the kind of work you will be doing before thinking of buying a PC/laptop. Maybe all you need is a tablet.

Headphones. You use them to privately listen to audio especially of the sensitive nature. They also ensure that you do not bother anyone around you with the sound you are hearing especially if it is loud. There are really good and often expensive headphones that have noise cancellation features.

They allow you to not hear any sound around you which may distract or irritate you. They allow you to fully concentrate on the sound you want to hear in your headphone. They are for example very helpful to me.

I work very early in the morning and late in the evening just when everybody is relaxing and/or sleeping. When the sun is up it gets busy and sometimes noisy in my surroundings and the relaxing sound I hear from my headphone counters the noise in my surroundings. I almost always bring my headphone along with me wherever I go.

Softwares and Apps. If you are serious in being a solopreneur then you have to invest in softwares and apps. There are many free softwares and apps that you can use but in my experience paid software and apps offer more value in the long run as they increase the quality and speed of your tasks. Some of the softwares and apps you would need when you become serious about being a solopreneur are:

Website Hosting Provider- If you use IT then you also use softwares and apps. If you plan to create a website then you need to pay a website hosting provider to "host" or make your website available online. If you only need a simple static website then you can sign up for free to GitHub and here you can create your simple static website for free.

Office Productivity Softwares and Apps- Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation Softwares, Schedule Managers, Accounting Softwares... etc. are all essential to the operation of the business of a solopreneur. Many of these office productivity softwares and apps are even hosted online which makes your digital documents and other data more portable instead of saving them on physical storage devices which you then have to carry.

Of course you have to consider the privacy issue of your documents and data when you store them online as you are entrusting your digital documents and data to a party which may be on the other side of the world and if problems occur you may have no recourse to get help from them.

Graphics Softwares and Apps- You may have to create digital drawings, CAD drawings ... etc. to aid your advertising efforts or as a part or full-time job. Do not despair if you think your drawing skills are not that good. There are many drawing and picture sharing platforms that allow you to use their drawings and pictures entirely free with no strings allowed.

I personally use Pixabay to source my drawings and pictures. This website alone has provided me with all the pictures and drawings I need when I created my presentation slides, apps and websites. They are highly recommended.

Online Sound Sharing Platforms- When you need sound like music, sound effects ... etc. you can create them using your musical instruments and sound recording equipment or you can use free sounds that you can find in online sound sharing platforms.

I personally use the sound catalog of to find sounds that I use for my game apps and presentation videos. If you have funds to spare I suggest you support them by buying their merchandise or donating to them.

Text to Audio Softwares and Apps- If you are not good at oral presentation or do not have the equipment or setup for proper voice recording you can use text to audio softwares and apps. There are many of these softwares and apps that are free to use.

You can also use them to record text for your own listening. You can for example convert the texts in your books or documents to audio and hear them while you are driving, doing chores ... and so on.

I have personally made YouTube videos using a presentation software and used text to audio software to explain the words in my presentation.

Microphones. Although the sound capture technology of our electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles are very good that they are now even used in professional social media presentations nothing still beats a high quality microphone for sound capture.

The proof that this is true is that you can mostly see professional social media personalities talking to their microphones while they broadcast. If you cannot see the microphone you can be sure that it is somewhere in the background of the video away from sight but still in use.

Of course you cannot become a professional musician or even a movie sound effects creator without owning a high quality microphone.

Smart Speakers and Virtual Assistants. Amazon Alexa and Apple Homepod are the most popular of these type of devices. They not only play sounds but interact with their owners by speech commands. They can increase your productivity by serving as your "assistant" in performing your tasks such as querying information.

You can ask these smart speakers questions about anything and depending on the question or command they would be able to respond. They can also serve as your "companion" whenever you become lonely or feel isolated while doing your solopreneur tasks alone.

Television or TV. Television has still managed its ground in capturing our attention despite the onslaught of news, entertainment, documentary and other kinds of media flooding to the internet. Television technology continues to evolve with bigger and bigger display sizes and even more sharper pictures.

We even have the ever increasing popularity of smart TVs that connect to the internet which is a sure sign that television media is fast being supplanted. I met one time an enterprising person who bought a very large TV with a huge display size. The display almost covers a wall in his living room. He earned money by charging people to watch televised sports and movies using his huge TV.


Almost everyone has at least a mobile phone to connect with other people and also to conduct business. The more devices you have the more productive you can be. This also includes softwares which are now a daily part of our lives. The people who knows how to utilise these devices and work with software and even program them stand to be the most competitive people of all in the electronic and online world.