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I was once an aspiring YouTuber who made a few YouTube videos before I eventually stopped. I didn’t lack any technical skill or tools, but I did lack the proper environment to create videos. As you may well know, most beginner YouTubers use a space in their home to produce videos.

Though I had enough space in my home to even create a studio, the place where I live in is so environmentally noisy. As is common with a few or even most of common Philippine streets, you have to contend with both street noise and neighbor’s noise.

There would be the constant barking of an untamed dog which a neighbor can’t seem to control or don’t control at all. There are the loud blaring of karaoke and radios from neighbors who don’t have a care that they are disturbing their neighbors even those who need sleep.

I have seen many videos of foreigners praising the hospitable climate of Philippine neighborhoods, what they don’t get to experience is the “too much” openness of Filipinos who assume they can do anything they want.

As you can see, most Filipinos are not trained at all to respect their neighbors. I have lived in Australia for a long time and have seen walking tour videos of Japanese neighborhoods. In these countries, the neighbors respect their other neighbors. Foreigners beware this Philippine culture!


Lately, I have seen or noticed that my nieces have been making YouTube videos for their class projects or assignments. I have seen them read a script, sing and even dance in order to create a YouTube video.

The same problem that I encountered in creating YouTube videos, my niece is also encountering at times. There would be again noises from our uncaring neighbors either from the loud blaring of radios and karaokes, or the shouting in the streets as street kids holler while the neighborhood is sleeping.

This might not seem connected to the article, but hear me out. The Philippines is considered the call center capital of the world and many Filipino call center agents have to work in the night while they sleep and study during the day.

As you can see, they have to contend with these kind of neighbors who in some countries would be considered as Bogans. This means: “an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”

Obviously, there is a problem with this situation and although I like to discuss more the increasing bogan population in this country which further results in the decline of the country, I would keep my social views to myself and discuss what economic answers might be found.


As I have said, me and my niece are not the only people with the same predicament of having to live with bogan neighbors. One of the solutions I have considered is to actually construct a soundproof room.

I was actually watching a Filipina broadcast from her bedroom and really noticed how noisy her neighborhood was. As a viewer of the video, I came to the conclusion that her viewers would be turned off by the noisy background noise from her neighborhood.

Her topic was nice, but her background setting ruined the quality of her video. I also remembered that my niece has to filter out the background noise from the YouTube video class projects she was making which takes more time from her than usual.

This got me thinking that perhaps it was time to invest in a soundproof room. Afterall, soundproof wall insulation prices have become cheap and affordable. But this got me thinking again, is the noise problem in my neighborhood so bad that I have to resort to such extreme solutions?

Then I considered that my niece whenever she is sleeping during the day after her night work has to close all the windows and door in her room just to minimize the noise, but she still complains that the neighborhood noise was so loud or worse that she can’t properly sleep at times.


Don’t make the mistake that background noise is not a problem. It’s such a big problem not only in the Philippines but in other developing countries where the population is increasingly drawn together thru sheer lack of space.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a problem if neighbors respected their neighbors like in Japan and Australia, but mostly Japan and it’s capital cities where the population density is so high, but yet they still managed to respect the private space of each other. Must be their culture.

But in case you are unfortunate enough not to live in such countries, perhaps the best solution for you is to buy a soundproof booth. Apparently, many enterprising businesspeople already know of this problem and are selling a solution.

For example, I Google searched the keyword: ”soundproof capsule bed” and the search results showed me plenty of images of soundproof booths and capsules. Some are even self-contained that they contain advanced electronics.

I think this is proof now that there are people who value a peaceful and silent working environment to do their job or sleep. As even more and more people flock to the already crowded cities to find work, these products would become more and more popular.


Soundproof capsule beds and soundproof booths are an entirely different topic on to themselves, but there is a related product and service that you can sell to the growing number of people who create YouTube videos either as a job or as a class project.

What is the problem of these YouTube content creators? They need a safe, peaceful and quiet place to create their YouTube videos. But you may ask: “Aren’t recording and movie studios already doing the job?”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many casual, beginner and even longtime YouTube content creators need such a space but are not able to afford soundproof booths or even the plain soundproofing of their rooms.

Or a company wants their YouTube or presentation video to be professionally done but they don’t have either the time or the money to invest in a professional video creation studio. It could be as simple as a small ad agency needing a cheap but decent video processing studio.

Take for example a factory with noisy machines operating in the background. Of course, if they wanted a quiet place either to do video advertising for their company or even just want a quiet and secret place to talk over, they could use your services.


The title of this article might be a bit misleading as your business can be more than a YouTube Studio Rental and Service Business. Let’s take for example that your business is located near a noisy business section in your part of the town.

Students who need to make YouTube videos or who need a very quiet and secure place to study for their board exams but had to compete with the noisy establishments and the noise of the cars traveling on the streets would be your clients.

We already added: “students who need to study in peace for vital exams like board exams” as another group of customers. I personally can vouch for this problem after trying to study for my board exam while contending with the noise from my neighborhood.

Then, there would be people who just need a quiet place to sleep and nothing else. I must say that I’ve met groups of people who have been left for the night by the train and bus service in for example Sydney, who just want a quiet place to spend the night.

As you can see, there are plenty of people who just want a quiet place either to work, study or sleep. There have been instances when neighbors quarreled, fought and even killed one another because of noise.


One of the biggest business time loss whenever one is running a business is the time wasted while waiting for customers. And if ever you are in this business of renting out spaces, you would have definite free time while waiting for your customers to finish up using one of your rooms.

You can use this waiting time to also offer video editing services. Many YouTubers especially the big ones who are already making a very profitable and stable income making videos usually subcontract their video editing tasks to someone else.

You might just get one of these big time YouTubers or you could simply come across amateur YouTubers who don’t have the skills nor the tools to properly create a YouTube video or any other kind of advertising agency quality video.

If you happen to have video recording equipment, you could also rent them to your customers. It could be as simple as renting out cheap microphones and even props to your customers. A green screen for example is very cheap, but is much used in professional video creation.


I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but there were times during my schooldays when me and my classmates have to cram for a school project. We sometimes have to cram for a few days just to finish an important class project.

One of the problems me and my classmates have encountered is the lack of a space to do our class project. We would be asking each other if whether any of us have space in their house that we could use.

I know that it is a recurring problem among students because I also see that my niece and her classmates have the same problem from time to time whenever they are doing group class projects.

You don’t have to sell all the amenities of a complete boarding space setting like tables and chairs as well as mattresses and pillows if necessary. All you need to provide are simple studying and resting spaces for your customers.

Imagine the rental income you could get if a group of students rented a space in your business for an entire day. You would also get the approval of the parents of these children because they know exactly where to look for their children.


This would be elementary by now, but of course, you can also sell food and drinks in your place of business. This is because it is very likely that your customers would be spending a lot time in one of your rental spaces.

Making YouTube videos, having meetings and even just sleeping requires a lot of time, usually in the hours. Naturally, your customers would go hungry and would be tempted to buy the nearest food and drinks available which you can provide.

For starters, you can offer snacks and mild meals like chips and instant noodles, but your offering can become more sophisticated later if ever you have proven that offering food is also profitable.


Perhaps you might be tempted to consider this business, but consider also that you are essentially are in the room renting business similar to hotels and boarding spaces. That is why you have to consider that your customers might leave your rental spaces in bad condition.

This could be as simple as dirtying up the place to the outright vandalism of your rental space. I have been to a few rental spaces where before they hand you your deposit, they also check the condition the renter left their rental space.

You should do this too considering that once your customers have entered your rental space, you basically don’t know what they’re doing inside. If you’re thinking of installing surveillance cameras, I know that you would soon realize that this is a stupid idea.


The world is increasingly getting crowded, especially the big cities. More and more people would cram together into smaller and smaller spaces. Add to this, there are a lot of people already who are working very health taxing night jobs and sleep during the day.

More and more people also need a quiet and secure place to create their online videos whether as their jobs, school project, work requirement, sleep and so on. The need for private and quiet work spaces would only increase as time goes by.

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