Income from Companies (Company Income)

This is where you level up as products and services designed for companies with many employees usually pay big money more than consumer products designed for individuals and families.

There is also the possibility for recurring commissions especially with high tech products that need to be updated or replaced regularly by the company to maintain their competitive edge against their competitors and to better service their clients.

I used to work for a freight forwarding company in Australia. A freight forwarder is a company that handles the import or export of packages of goods between countries. It is a business that relies on local and international contacts heavily. We have one sales employee only and relied on the contacts of the owners for our source of clients.

I tried to implement a referral program informally where third party individuals and companies would refer our company to potential clients in exchange for a commission on the sales. I was surprised. Unknown companies from Latin America and Africa as well as local companies were contacting us and were interested in our referral program.

I did not stay long to know what happened to my referral program. But it proved to me how to expand our sales resources and reach without having to hire more sales personnel. If you are a new company with limited marketing and sales resources you should look into affiliate and referral marketing to possibly increase your income with limited costs.

Earn from Advertising

Everyone has done advertisement in one form or another. When we look for a job we usually advertise ourselves to potential employers through our resumes. Nowadays many people advertise themselves online through social media. They try to become online personalities who earn by advertising the products of their sponsors.

Though online advertising is getting more and more popular physical advertising is still important. Companies as much as possible want to advertise their products to people 24 hours a day on every location and object available. This means there is a lot of opportunity for anyone to earn from advertising services.

Besides people using themselves to provide advertising services as well as their own bodies as advertising mediums people can also use their possessions such as cars, houses, clothes and so on as advertising mediums. People have even used other people close to them such as children and partners as advertising mediums.

Companies need to sell and they know advertising is beneficial to them. It is up for the creative individual like you to convince these companies that you can increase the sales of their products by utilising your advertising services and/or products. The most successful individuals know how to advertise themselves and their products and are never shy from doing so.

Earn from Computer Software and Hardware

Companies now need to always be adapted to the newest computer technologies to keep their competitive edge. Computers now almost run entire companies and factories. It is integrated in the system and processes of the company that is why it is hard to change a computer setup of a company after it has been installed.

Though it is very difficult to sell or endorse computer systems to established companies the opportunities lie with new and/or small companies. Once you have sold to these companies the opportunity for repeat sales and endorsements is high because of the computer upgrades that would follow.

I have worked in Information Technology for several companies that use them and also those that supply them and what I noticed is that the smaller companies do not usually have or need the big computer software systems that are usually expensive and requires teams of technicians to maintain them.

What they really need are small computer systems specifically designed for their small need or budget. Just the right computer system to aid the employees without having to hire a new one which would break their budget.

They usually are so small that they only have a computer maintenance person if any and outsource their more complex tasks to outside IT companies which also suits their budget. An opportunity for you exists in being a computer contractor for such services especially if you are skilled in both software and hardware setup and maintenance.

You could also earn by providing training in the use of computer software systems. I did computer software training too and I noticed that mostly once employees which includes the big bosses do their job their last priority is to be an expert in the computer software systems they are using because they are too busy doing their actual jobs.

This is another earning opportunity for you as you can specify the point that once they become experts at the computer systems they are using their productivity also increases.

Earn from Company Cleaning

Everything gets dirty after a while including company premises and most companies always tidy their premises using their own staff or by using outside contractors. This applies to every company whether in the office, operations or manufacturing environment.

When I first arrived in Australia and having no Australian working experience one of the jobs I took was in cleaning services. My experience with the cleaning industry is primarily in Australia but I noticed similarities with other countries as well.

If you think that cleaning services is a simple task of cleaning the company premises you are wrong. Cleaning contracts between cleaning companies and their clients can be very complex. In a single company many cleaning companies may be doing different jobs.

One may be in charge of cleaning the offices only, one may be only cleaning the urinals, one the inside glass windows, one the outside glass windows. Then it becomes more complex. Maybe the cleaning company that only cleans the office only vacuums the carpet and still another just empties the trash cans.

There are also companies that gets cleaned several times a day and still others every other day and so on. There are even spot cleaning companies that only pay once a certain place in a company gets very dirty. As you can see there is good money to be made with cleaning contracts. It can be profitable if you get a good contract.

Earning from Fixtures and Supplies

There are companies who replace furniture and fixtures on a regular basis especially to maintain their aesthetic image. Company supplies are also replenished frequently to keep the company work and employees going. They are an integral part of the processes of companies just like computer systems that once they get damaged or become unavailable the company stops working as well.

I remember during my office working days the desk of the marketing guy just collapsed because it was a cheap desk. The computer in his desk became broken and all the important sales paperwork in his desk got dirty and mixed up. The entire sales day schedule was replaced with him fixing his desk, computer and paperwork. That is lost productivity.

Another experience I had when I worked in a financial institution and the staff were doing overtime printing out invoices when the paper ran out. The staff has to run in the middle of the night just to find and buy paper supplies otherwise the entire work of the department will stop just when they are in a critical time.

Here is where the experience of people who have lived in different cultures comes to play. In countries where the cost of labor is relatively cheap menial tasks that support other employees such as doing errands like buying office supplies can be done by a dedicated worker while in other countries where the cost of labor is high the smaller companies tend to integrate it to the task of the ordinary employees like office staffs.

In the companies I worked with the employees hate doing this menial tasks and it dampens their morale which affects their productivity. I see earning opportunities where contractors can do the same jobs while handling multiple companies for scale.

Earning from Catering

Office Events are always happening both internally with workers and with clients. Whenever there is a company event the chances of food and drinks being served is high. These products and services are served by catering companies. It is a competitive industry with many types of companies providing varied services as well.

It gets even tougher with the advent of online and on call delivery service where the catering act is no longer needed but just the food. This is also an industry ripe for vertical integration. As many people get busier and busier formal office lunch for example is being taken for granted. I once even worked for an office without a pantry. You are expected to eat either outside the company premises or at your office desk.

There is a food truck and a lunch delivery service but most of the employees would rather eat at the walking distance restaurants even though they are much more expensive. If only the food truck and the lunch delivery service offered even light foldable chairs and tables for the employees to eat they could have had more of the employees as clients.

I remember eating at a place where the street was filled with both small and medium sized fast food shops. My companions would reject the shops that only offered standing only eating facilities (elevated small tables without chairs) because they were not comfortable eating without proper chairs and tables.

I also noticed that the shops with proper chairs and tables for eating had more clients than those without. The lesson I learned is that you cannot underestimate the desire for comfort of a person while they are eating.

Income from Events

Employees especially the critical ones usually attend or setup conferences, summits or seminars to enhance the company like expanding or disseminating their industry knowledge, knowing new products and competition as well as expanding their contacts list.

Though not integral it is likewise an important corporate activity. Setting up these events can be a profitable service to offer. One can even be a millionaire doing this kind of business. There is an article in Forbes that precisely explains the story of one. If you are interested you can read the full article titled How A Solo Event Planner Trampolined to $1 Million in Revenue

One can start learning by organising parties for children then grow bigger by organising teen gathering and community meet ups like county fairs, charity events, fund raisers and so on. While doing this you expand your experience in organising people and expanding your client contacts lists and third party contractors list.

You can also do all of this while working in an event management company whether full-time or part-time while gaining enough experience and resources to start one on your own.

Making Money from Recruitment

If ever your business as a one man company starts to grow eventually you will come to a point where either you want to do everything yourself or start hiring part time or full-time employees. By then you must decide whether you want to do the hiring yourself or use a recruitment agency. You can however in the meantime earn money by being a recruiter or endorsing recruitment agents/agencies yourself.

Recruiters and recruitment agencies have a tarnished image. The usual comment I get about recruiters is that they are only in it for the money and do not care about their clients or the job applicant. They are also supposed to not know the job they are recruiting for.

I have met those types but I have also met those in my assessment who show genuine concern for both their clients and the job applicant. I have also met someone so thorough with evaluating my qualifications and character that I know he is really looking after the welfare of his clients.

I think it is worthwhile to endorse recruiters as long as they are trustworthy. It may also be a good idea to keep the trustworthy ones in your contacts list as you might not know if you might need them someday for a job yourself.

This job can be a full-time job with the company or a part-time job while your business is not yet economically viable to be your only source of income. You also gain the benefit of positioning yourself to be a service contractor for the client companies of the recruiter. Instead of them hiring a full-time employee maybe they can instead hire your services as a contractor.

Earn from Factory Process

This is for those who have experience or understands the various production processes and the various production items involved such as equipments and supplies. Several years ago a news program in television highlighted specialist workers. One of the workers they featured was a worker who specialised in a paper producing machine.

He knows every bit about this paper producing machine that every time it breaks down he is the only one qualified to fix it. They could not even depend on outside help. He was so important that he was paid way more than his managers. I personally know of other people who are in a similar good situation.

If he retires he can always get a job with the company as a consultant in maintaining this machine and in other companies that use the same machine. He can even become a consultant for the company that makes the machine as he knows all about its problems and could definitely suggest improvements to it.

As another story did you know that the inventor of the first working steam engine did not even have a high school degree. He learned so much about steam engines by educating himself that he was the only one that supplied steam engines in the whole of England and beyond. He was even built a statue in his hometown to commemorate his achievement.

Anyone can be a master of something or several things even without proper education. One can learn through experiences and self study and sell the product or knowledge of whatever it is that they have learned by themselves.