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Aloe Vera And The Many Forms It Is Being Sold

About a couple of months ago, I got into an accident. Boiling water spilled to many parts of my body. I got severe skin burns. I was lucky that my mother grew a lot of Aloe Vera plants. She put the gels of these plants in my skin burns as first aid.

This must be the reason why my skin burns didn’t become serious. Of course I still needed actual burn ointments for my skin burns. But these actual medicines needed to still be bought from a pharmacy and my mother didn’t have time for this initially.

Of course, me and my mother already knew that Aloe Vera is good for skin burns and is generally good for making a person’s skin healthy and beautiful, but we just let it grew without using it. This was because we saw no immediate need for it. Then my accident happened.

This is the reason I highly recommend growing Aloe Vera. A skin burn is one of the most nasty accidents that could happen to you and you would need a lot of skin ointments for major burns. Having a lot of Aloe Vera can assist you during the initial burn stage curing.


As I have previously said, Aloe Vera is a great first aid for skin burns. It is also generally good for the skin. Aloe Vera is directly applied to the skin or taken internally to improve one’s skin health and appearance. But there are still more uses of Aloe Vera.

Contains Healthy Compounds

Aloe Vera contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. It is not only good for the skin, but is healthy for most of the entire body. This is the reason why it is approved for sale by the health departments not only as a supplement and a vitamin, but is also used as medicine.

In fact, the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and the food industry uses Aloe Vera extensively. The plant has an estimated annual market value of $13 billion. This is according to the National Institute of Healths.

This information is good news for two reasons. This means that there is a big market for the Aloe Vera plant and growing and selling them could be a good source of livelihood for anyone. This is further verified by the numerous Aloe Vera products being sold in e-commerce shops alone.

The second reason why this is good news is this: You can actually use this information to market your business both to your investors and customers.

You can tell your investors that there is a big market for Aloe Vera and you can tell your customers that Aloe Vera is so reputable as a product that many people are buying them.

It Has Antibacterial Properties

Aloe vera is also known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. This is part of the reason why it may help heal wounds and treat skin problems. And as I have proven, it is especially effective on skin burns.

Antioxidants are substances that protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals which are unstable molecules formed during oxidation while undergoing normal metabolism. Free radicals may play a part in cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases of aging.

Aloe vera gel contains powerful antioxidants belonging to a large family of substances known as polyphenols which are substances that we get when we consume plant-based food including Aloe Vera.

These polyphenols, along with several other compounds in Aloe Vera, help inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that can cause infections in humans. This is the reason why Aloe Vera is especially useful as an anti-bacterial medicine.

It Reduces Dental Plaque

Studies have concluded that Aloe Vera is as effective as conventional anti-plaque medicines in reducing plaque. This is good news for anyone who wants to further expand their Aloe Vera market. This is not a well-known use of Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is effective in killing the plaque-producing bacterium Streptococcus Mutans in the mouth, as well as the yeast Candida Albicans. This may be especially good for people selling Aloe Vera juice.

Imagine marketing to people the anti-plaque properties of Aloe Vera juice which could be taken after every meal by a person. They may not even drink the Aloe Vera juice but just use it to rinse their mouth.

It Reduces Constipation

Constipation is a health condition which occurs when bowel movements become less frequent and stools become difficult to pass. This happens most often due to changes in one’s diet or routine, or due to one’s inadequate intake of fiber.

Most medical professionals highly recommended that one should call a doctor if one has severe pain, blood in one’s stools, or constipation that lasts longer than three weeks. The earlier one visits a doctor, the better it is.

This time, the helpful part of the plant is the latex, not the gel, that provides the benefits. The latex is the sticky yellow residue present just under the skin of the leaf. The key compound responsible for this effect is called aloin, or barbaloin, which has well-established laxative effects.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Although there have been no conclusive medical studies, people sometimes use aloe vera as a remedy for diabetes. The reason for this is because it may enhance insulin sensitivity and help improve blood sugar management.


So far, we have known that there is a big market for Aloe Vera and it is mostly bought for its health benefits especially to the human skin. If you would also have a quick glance of the many forms Aloe Vera is being sold, like in e-commerce sites, you would notice that it comes in many forms.

Mixed With Other Ingredients

This is the most complex form Aloe Vera can get. These Aloe Vera products are composed of Aloe Vera extract as well as some other healthy ingredients. I have seen Aloe Vera with honey and lemon as ingredients. I have also seen Aloe Vera mixed with other vitamins.

If you are intending to sell Aloe Vera via this way, please let me remind you that you would usually need a government health or medical certification to be able to sell such Aloe Vera products. You would also need the technical background to be able to mix in these ingredients.

I’m not dissuading you from selling Aloe Vera this way, but you must take note that there are already many established products out there with established market shares and with well-funded marketing budgets.

This is especially true in the cosmetics and personal hygiene industry which has especially become reliant on expensive celebrity endorsers because these endorses do have the ability to influence customers in a big way.

Do take note that when you add other ingredients to your Aloe Vera product, you also expose yourself to the external factors that relate to these extra ingredients. This could mean supply chain and pricing problems.

As An Entire Plant

This is probably the most difficult Aloe Vera form in terms of handling and delivery. Aloe Vera is a hardy plant and could survive a long time without being watered. But do take note that it is a delicate but heavy product because of its accompanying soil, pot and packaging.

One obvious advantage of selling Aloe Vera as a plant only is that you have the advantage of product longevity. As long as you water your Aloe Vera plant products, they would never die out and would continue to grow.

In Liquid Form

This is the most time consuming Aloe Vera form to sell. This is because you have to manually extract the gel of the Aloe Vera which is not an entirely pleasing thing to do especially if you have to do it by hand.

Of course you could buy a machine the extracts the gel of the Aloe Vera plant, but if selling Aloe Vera is not really your main source of income and if you’re only doing this during your spare time, a machine like this could be a wrong investment.

They could either be sold in retail sizes or in bulk. I have seen them being sold in small containers right up to plastic jerry containers and even in bulk drums in such online sites as Alibaba.

As Fresh Leaves

Aloe Vera is also being sold by the leaf. I have seen online sellers selling them by weight. The probable reasons why they are being sold in this form by the sellers is because they do not have the time or resources to extract the gel and sell it in this form.

Another probable reason why they are being sold as fresh leaves in bulk is probably because the seller has determined it is not cost effective or even profitable if they sell the Aloe Vera gel extract by itself.

The seller may be incurring high labor cost if they have to extract the Aloe Vera gel themselves. This is especially true if the seller is located in a country with high labor costs. Companies in developing countries might beat them in this instance.

An Aloe Vera seller in gel form might decide to buy the Aloe Vera leaves and extract the gel of these leaves for themselves. This is one strategy that might be worth considering for sellers with low labor costs.

As Dried Leaves

I have also seen dried Aloe Vera leaves being sold in bulk. I don’t know if Aloe Vera retains it’s beneficial effects when it dries out, but there is definitely a market for dried Aloe Vera leaves.This means that in effect, Aloe Vera is never a wasted product.

This means that even though your Aloe Vera leaves or the plant itself dies, it can still be sold as a product. As I have said, I don’t exactly know what is the use of dried Aloe Vera leaves and plants, but there are people buying them.

Dried and Powdered

A slightly more time intensive product than dried Aloe Vera leaves, dried and powdered Aloe Vera leaves are also sold as a product. The only difference between the two is that dried and powdered Aloe Vera leaves command better prices because of the labor cost.

Basically, people are paying you to give them dried Aloe Vera in powder form. The good thing about this is that unlike extracting the gel from the Aloe Vera leaves, grounding the leaves into powder is an easier task to do.

You also do not need expensive equipments and machines to turn Aloe Vera leaves into powder. Even an inexpensive kitchen blender can do the job decently. Another benefit is that Aloe Vera in powder form takes up less storage space.


The Aloe Vera market is a billion dollar industry globally. You might not be interested in commercially profiting from the Aloe Vera industry, but you can use Aloe Vera personally for its health benefits.

With respect to the many forms Aloe Vera take when being sold or marketed, being sold as dried leaves seem to be the most desirable fall back form since it entails the most minimum time and resources from the seller.

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