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Opportunities In Soft Bracelets, Rings And Necklaces Trinkets

I was doing some cleaning in our house and happened to need some rags which my mother stocked in a small storage cabinet in our kitchen. These rags were professionally sewn together from strips of fabric and were shaped like circles.

I am however not here to talk about these rags. I am here rather to talk about the narrow strips of fabrics which were used to bundle these rags. These rag strips resembled thick strings and I have no doubt that they were castoffs from the manufacturing process of clothes.

Then an idea flashed in my mind. Could I sell these narrow strips of fabrics which looked like thick strings as bracelets? I then did a quick search on Etsy to see if there were any sellers out there who were selling bracelets made out of narrow strips of fabrics.

And I was right. I found a seller named VinciBazaar in Etsy who was selling such products. I then looked at the comment section of the product to see if they were selling. As it turned out, they were selling well and the buyers liked them.


I’m a male and when I was young, I favored wearing a bracelet as an accessory rather than a necklace or a finger. Of all the jewelry or trinkets people wear in their body, bracelets are the most convenient.

I could for example argue the point that despite the existence of pocket, necklace and ring watches, watches almost always come in bracelet form. A necklace gets in the way of clothes or is buried underneath it. A metal necklace can also chafe a part of your neck.

A ring meanwhile can interfere with the holding and even scratch the objects a hand gets in contact with. This is especially true with the age of laptops, tablets and cellphones. The glass panel of these devices or their body can be scratched especially by a metal ring.

When I was young man, the only acceptable jewelry back then were either made of gold, silver or some other metal. This has proven to be bad for me since I like wearing some jewelry or trinkets with me always.

The constant contact of these metallic jewelry/trinkets cause chafing in some parts of my body. Sometimes, my skin would be red and swollen from wearing them. As I got older, I finally found out that my skin was sensitive to jewelry/trinkets made from metal.


Knowing that I can’t wear metallic jewelry and trinkets for extended periods of time, I decided to wear leather jewelry and trinkets. They used to be only worn by young people, but they have also been adopted now by middle aged and even old people.

One decided advantage of a pure leather jewelry or trinket over a metallic jewelry or trinket is their relative softness. It is highly unlikely that you would scratch your belongings like a cellphone when it gets in contact with your all leather jewelry or trinket.

Having known this, you might suddenly decide to ditch your metallic jewelries or trinkets in favor of leather ones. But before you do, you must first realize that just like metallic jewelries/trinkets of which people have sensitivity to, your skin could also be sensitive to leather.

Just like if you have sensitivity to metal when it comes in contact with your skin repeatedly, the same thing could happen when you wear leather jewelries/trinkets for a long time. You might also get rashes and blisters when you wear them for a long time.

Another thing you might like to note is that leather absorbs sweat which causes it to smell. This is the same reason why leather shoes smell if you have sweaty feet. This also applies if your leather jewelry or trinket becomes wet.


They became famous when they became synonymous with social causes. There was a time when the color of the wristband became synonymous with a certain social cause. There were wrist bands for breast cancer awareness, AIDS, saving whales and so on.

In their heyday, these wristbands became very fashionable and were even considered some sort of a status symbol. Many celebrities wore them so they can be publicly viewed as people with strong social consciences.

Things have however changed when they also became giveaways and proof of admission for concerts, museums, festivals and other places and activities were people gathered en masse. Though diminished, there are still people who highly value some wristbands.

A person who got hold of a wristband used as a proof of admission to some concert for example would most likely treasure it and not just throw it away after a concert. There is even the remote possibility that they could sell it to someone who collects concert themed wristbands.

Having worn a few rubber wristbands, I can definitely say that there are high and low quality rubber wristbands. The high quality ones don’t tend to chafe your skin even if you have worn them for a long time. The low quality ones can irritate your skin in mere minutes.


I had a quick look at China’s number one B2B e-commerce platform, Alibaba, and found that rubber wristband producing machines cost anywhere from US$ 5,000.00 to 14,000.00. Assuming we take the average of these prices, we arrive at US$ 9,500.00 .

This is not an insignificant amount by any margin especially to a beginner entrepreneur with limited funds. Another thing you have to consider is the cost and work needed in creating rubber wristbands using these machines.

You should first check a few YouTube videos using the search keywords: “wristband machine” to have an idea of just what kind of work you would need to do to use these machines in creating rubber wristbands.

I would rather suggest that you rather contract the production of the rubber wristband together with the printing to these rubber wristband companies in Alibaba. It should cost you a mere 20 US cents at most for each rubber wristband with the prints included.

Should you be worried that the company you subtracted would sell the wristbands themselves. You have the option of just buying blank rubber wristbands and do the prints of them yourself. There are also YouTube videos available on how to do this.


A couple of years ago, American Media reported that rubber bands with patterns were such a craze among children in America that they sold out as soon as they were stocked in the stores which sold them.

I even saw pictures of young children who are wearing so many of these patterned rubber bands that they reached these young children’s elbows. This is how enamored some young children in America are to these specially made rubber bands.

Even teenagers and adults were enamored with these cheap but very delightful rubber bands. I don’t know if they are still being sold, but I used to see striped rubber bands with different colors also being worn as bracelets.

The main advantage of rubber bands is in their thinness. They are the “barely there” arm accessories. They are worn by people who just have the desire to wear an accessory in their arms sans all the disadvantage of thick jewelries/trinkets.

Because they are so thin, they are just very minimally in contact with your skin. As a result, you can wear them for long periods without having to remove them. Of course you need to take care that the rubber band you are wearing is loosely worn around your skin.


I also did another quick search in Alibaba for Rubber band making machines. I found two companies selling their machines at a price of US$ 8,000.00 each. Once again, this is a big investment for a beginner entrepreneur.

Just like rubber wristbands and even before them, there are already many established manufacturers of rubber bands. Even the rubber bands which have shapes, there are already manufacturers of these.

To prove this point, all you need is to visit Alibaba and look for rubber band suppliers. What you would notice is that there are not only plenty of suppliers from China, but there are also suppliers from other Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam.


This is especially favored by people who want to be perceived as the outdoorsy type. They have become such a part of the outdoor scene that there are entire articles and videos online dedicated to show how they can be knotted like jewelry for then later use as an outdoor rope.

There are now people making a living in various ways with paracord jewelry. There are those who make instructional videos on how to knot a paracord jewelry. There are those that teach classes on how to do so, and there are others who sell paracord jewelry or just the paracord.

And of course, there are people who do all of them to make money. But besides knotting a paracord to look like jewelry, they are also fashioned into other things. They can be fashioned into keychains, bag straps and so much more.


This is the latest kind of trinket that I have personally came across and is most intrigued. As I have already mentioned in the beginning of this article, they can be made from cloth castoffs. In a way, they are the most environmentally friendly ones of all the trinkets I have mentioned.

Here are a few references to prove that they are really a marketable product:

1. Silk Fabric Strings 2mm Hand Dyed Olive Green 1metre

2. Recycled Tshirt Bracelet, Blue Wrist Cuff Bracelet, Wrist Tattoo Cover Up, Stretch Cuffs, Wrist Covers, Arm Wristband Band, Fabric Jewelry

You could also type the YouTube keywords: “fabric string” to find some videos related to fabric strings. The more prominent ones are Fabric Twines. Here is one video I found:

YouTube Video: How to make string / rope with fabric and material scraps - a great DIY craft

As you can see from this video, these castoff fabrics which have been turned to strings or twine make good trinkets depending on the particular clothes you happen to be wearing or one’s fashion style.


Another thing we can consider for these soft trinket products is that they are just primarily strings which have been connected together. The fabric string for example can be sold as a ring, bracelet, necklace and so on.

In fact, there are sellers of these fabric strings or twine who are selling them by the roll. It is entirely possible that you could make a roll of string fabric from one piece of old or discarded cloth.

This would be good news for anyone who is trying to find a way to monetize their old clothes. There is no more proof of these than the existence of jeans bracelets which comes in all forms and sizes.

I for example have used cloth fabrics and rubber bands as bracelets. When I get tired of them being bracelets, I simply loop them into three smaller loops and wear them as rings.


There are plenty of reasons why people don’t wear the conventional jewelries and trinkets made out of metal like gold, silver and maybe even bronze or stainless steel. Not only can these trinkets interfere scratch one’s properties, they can be harmful to some people’s skin.

A growing alternative to these jewelries and trinkets made of metal are leather, rubber, cords, and even fabric castoffs. They are not only cheap to sell, but in many instances have become fashionable.

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