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Using Frog And Toad Leather For Objects Besides Small Purses

Despite the growing protests from animal lovers and the increasing market for synthetic leather, the market for genuine leather continues to thrive. Yahoo Finance even reported that the leather market is expected to continue to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% during 2021 to 2026.

I am not surprised by this at all. Animal leather is one of the oldest products out there. They were our ancient ancestor’s first clothes and even today, leather is still worn especially in the footwear department.

In warm countries, leather clothes may not be popular because leather clothes by their very nature are intended to keep someone warm. Thus, leather clothes are popular in countries with cold climates or have cold seasons.

And leather clothes just like original leather shoes don’t come cheap. They can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to even thousands. Despite the negative image of leather clothes, they are still looked upon as fashion items.


According to a leather company I found online named Mahi, the skin from almost any animal could be turned into leather. One of the most common practices is to use the meat of an animal as food and then to use their skin as leather.

Of course, not all leather is created equal. The most sought after and therefore most expensive leather comes from crocodiles and alligator. This is the main reason why alligator farming exists in parts of the world.

I have also read from a few online sources that the leather that comes from a certain specie of stingray is arguably the most expensive leather in the world. This is because of the difficulty in processing the leather from this animal.

This information dispels the common notion that leather only comes from mammals. In fact, sharks are another common source of leather. But not only sharks, even the fish we commonly eat can be sources of leather.

Here is a good resource for anyone interested in harvesting the skin of fishes to be used in leather products:

Online Article: Leather Dictionary->Fish Leather


I think most people have seen at least one frog in their life. They have four legs of which the back legs are the biggest ones. This is because frogs use their back legs for jumping great distances.

They also have large mouths and long and sometimes sticky tongues which they use to catch and eat small animals. In this respect at least, all frogs are similar. The reason why I’m zeroing on Australian cane toads is because these frogs are considered pests in Australia.

But cane toads are not only pests in Australia, they are considered pests in parts of the world where their numbers have increased exponentially. Thus, the cane toad problem is not only a local problem in some parts of the world.

The reason why cane toads are pests is because they can eat almost anything, are hardy and have no natural enemies. Thus, they tend to decimate the local population of other smaller animals.

Cane toads just like some species of frogs are considered poisonous. This is the reason why they don’t have real predators. They tend to poison any larger animal that tries to kill them. This includes humans.


But there have been YouTube videos about people safely killing, cooking and eating cane toads. When I Googled the search keywords: “how to safely eat cane toads,” I came across several articles which debated the safety issues concerned.

According to one Australian expert, harvesting the meat of cane toads should only be done by experts with the proper training. Perhaps these experts can earn money by teaching people who are interested in harvesting cane toads.

With expert training and the proper facilities in place, one can then go about harvesting the meat from cane toads. I also found a few articles reporting how a specie of water rats have found a way to safely eat cane toads.

According to the reports, the fur of these Australian water rats are so impressive that there was once a thriving fur industry based upon them. My point may be simplistic, but why don’t people let the water rats feast on cane toads and then harvest both animal’s fur and leather?

However, we put it there is money to be made from cane toads and this is even doubly important because they are considered pests and their numbers should not only be reduced but controlled.


One of the main issues that is definitely holding back the greater adoption of cane toad leather or leather from any frog for that matter has to do with size. Frog leather even the biggest ones are definitely no match from the size of leather that can be produced from other animals.

This may be the reason why when I see products made from frog leather, the first thing I usually see are small leather purses. If there are big products such as shoulder bags, they tended to be sewn together using various frog leathers. This makes them relatively unappealing.

This is why it is important to find uses for frog leather way beyond just small coin purses. But it is very understandable that many leather suppliers would rather stock up on larger sized leathers because larger sized leather products are the more prominent ones out there.

For example, there are leather shops that are specifically contracted to supply the big fashion companies of Europe which sell expensive leather hand and shoulder bags to their wealthy clientele.

These fashion houses rarely delve outside their very profitable hand and shoulder bags products. So, these large fashion companies should not be really a competition for you because of their long established niche.


Normally, jewelry and other trinkets are one of the smallest things people own. And leather is used in jewelry making. So, why not use frog leather to make jewelry? This just makes sense right?

Leather Bracelets

Anyone who sells frog leather should be on the lookout for people who use leather as bracelets for jewelry or just makes leather bracelets. Watches of all kinds whether mechanical, digital or smartwatches are the most popular jewelry we have especially for men.

And even today, despite the introduction of plastic and all sorts of metals including real gold to make watch bracelets, leather watch bracelets are still popular. This is because leather watches have a certain image associated with them.

People perceive people who wear watches with leather bracelets as classy, mature and even fashionable. This is the reason why watch leather bracelets remain in fashion. If you sell frog leather, it would be very helpful to have contacts in the watch industry.

Besides leather being used for watch bracelets, they are also used simply as bracelets. You might think that leather bracelets have only a small commercial value especially on their own without any decorative metal or stone adorning them.

But you have to think like a big name fashion company where branding is everything. This means that depending on how you brand your leather bracelet, it could be a very profitable product for you.

Other Jewelry

Besides leather bracelets, there are also leather necklaces, earrings and even rings. So, as you can see, there are smaller objects you can fashion besides small leather coin purses. This is especially so with leather rings.

You can cut the leather into any small object you want to be used as a pendant for your leather necklace or earrings. All you need is a sharp scissor to fashion circles, squares, insect shapes and any other shapes from your leather.

Another option for you to make your leather jewelry more attractive/decorative is by stamping it with shapes, letter and even drawings. This is especially true with leather rings. There are a lot of examples of these designs available in the Google Image search keywords: “leather rings.”

Another area where you can use leather from small animals like frogs are brooches. There are a lot of examples of leather brooches online. All you need to do is Google Image the search keywords: “leather brooches.”

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can use leather from frogs and other animals as jewelry. In this case, the relative smallness of frog leather is not a big hindrance for you in creating such products.


Have you ever seen a lipstick leather case or container? A quick Google Image search for the keywords: “leather lipstick case” would give you a good indication of what they look like. They can range from small leather tubes that barely fits a lipstick to a small purse like container.

This could be another market for your frog leather. But you don’t only need to stick with lipsticks, you can also have a look at the makeup, perfumes and other small personal care products that people carry on a daily basis.

Just like it is a good strategy for a leather bracelet supplier to establish connections with people in the watchmaking industry, it is also good for people who supply small sized leather to establish contacts with the luxury personal care industry.


Getting into the final sentences of this article, it is perhaps important to emphasize that the frog and toad leather supplier must think: “Small.” I don’t mean that people should think of only establishing a small business.

What I actually mean is that frog and toad suppliers should think what “small” products they can fashion out of their frog and toad leather. One for example can sell key purses which are about the same size as coin purses and even smaller.

Another small product that one can fashion out of frog and toad leather would be Calling Card Holders. These products are easy to sew together and as long as you can sell your brand, you should make a profit.

Finger Guards are another product you can sell out of frog and toad leather. This products are literally so small that you can literally make a couple of these in just one piece of frog or toad leather.

Anti-Slip Wrist Guards are also the right sized products you can fashion out of frog and toad leather. In case you are not familiar with them, these anti-slip wrist products are used by photographers for example, so that their cameras do not slip off their hands.


Whenever I go to souvenir shops, the usual products they sell made from frog or toad leather would be small coin purses or keychains. It’s pretty obvious that there are still other small objects which can be created using frog and toad leather.

The obvious secret is to think small when thinking about what objects to fashion out of frog and toad leather. The objects you can fashion could be as small as leather ring jewelries. But whatever objects you create out of leather, it’s the branding which counts.

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