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Earning Money from Your Skin

Our skin covers our entire body and comprises a large surface area and we can potentially make a lot of money by displaying it to other people especially if we have smooth and near perfect skin complexion. It also helps if you are some sort of a celebrity as your persona can add greatly to your earnings.

Advertisements on Skins

Some companies will pay a person a good amount of money to advertise on their skin. A single mother for example was paid $10,000 by an online casino named to have her forehead permanently tattooed with the casino’s URL. This is according to an article by POPSugar and the Daily Mail in the UK.

The Daily Mail also has another article which reported young Japanese women having their thigh area placed with ads using temporary ink. According to the ad agency responsible for the campaign Japanese men like looking at the thighs of Japanese women who do not mind the attention. The women were paid £65 or $100 per day the ads stays in their thighs.

A web-page designer was paid $37,375 by a company by the name of SnoreStop to advertise their company for 1 month on his forehead. As can be seen from these examples renting your skin to ads can be profitable but as previously mentioned you have to be overall physically attractive to get these sort of business from ad agencies.

The ads are usually in the form of a henna tattoo which is temporary. This is not easy money however as you need to sign a contract before getting paid. The contract can for example require you to send regular visual proof like photographs that shows you still wearing the temporary tattoo up to the period of you signed up for.

The compensation varies and is dependent on such factors such as the length of time you have to wear the tattoo and where it is placed in your body. You usually have to share your fee with a third party who brokers the deal between you and the ad agency. Most applicants register in a list which the brokers and ad agencies use to select candidates.

Be A Model

If you do not want ink put in your skin you can become a model instead. However being a model requires not only your skin to be physically near perfect but also your hair, teeth and almost everything physical about you. This is because most skin modelling jobs are for cosmetics companies who want to show their skin care products in the best light as possible.

So how does one become a model? Aside from assuring that you are physically at your best everytime you also must do the hard work of listing yourself with modelling agencies. Some get lucky and are discovered by talent scouts. So it is important to reiterate again that one must always try to be at their best physically for talent scouts can be anywhere at anytime.

Perfect skin is still highly sought after by ad agencies but society has changed enough that there are now opportunities for tattooed people to get modelling jobs. There are now many ad agencies catering to the alternative culture look. However tattoos are a hit or miss thing and are largely judged by the total aesthetics of a person.

There is also a market for imperfect skin and appearance. These are usually for medical purposes and other niche demands. So for example if you get wounded because of an accident take the time to photograph it no matter how gross it may look. Your gross skin wound might just be the unique picture a medical journal needs for their article.

Be Your Own Agency

Today anyone can create a modelling agency of themselves whatever their physical attributes are. One can advertise their physical looks in social media and be discovered for modelling jobs. One can setup a cosmetics business by creating videos of cosmetics using themselves as a model. One can sell pictures of themselves in photograph database platforms and related sites.

All one needs to have at the minimum is a mobile phone. Even cheap mobile phones nowadays have high quality cameras for taking pictures of oneself. There are even free photo editing softwares and apps to better enhance your digital profile. There are even plenty of online articles and videos on how to improve one’s modelling techniques from experts no less.


There is really no excuse now not to make yourself a model and to possibly make money.


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