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Would You Consider Going Into The Sex Toys Business?

As I was doing some business research online, I found that different business research firms were reporting that the sex toys industry was growing at an impressive CAGR rate of between 4.3% to 9% depending on which research firms you believe.

However, most report that the sex toy industry was growing at a healthy CAGR rate of about 8%. A few people’s eyes might roll at this information, but the simple fact is that as the saying goes: “sex sells.”

If anyone still doubt that sex toys are very much a part of human life, then all they need to do is to view some of the sex toys that have existed since ancient times. The website ”Redbook” shows some very good images and descriptions of some ancient sex toys:

Website Article:Here’s What Sex Toys Have Looked Like Throughout History -From bread dildos and beyond.


Before we proceed, let’s first discuss one of the most glaring negative issues regarding selling products related to sex: Negative Perception. Most people even today have a negative perception towards sex and anything related to it.

This is the reason why even bikini models are sometimes looked down upon by people, relegating them to merely eye candies whose sole purpose is to sell a product with their sex appeal.

Need we mention people who provide sexual services? While there are already countries who have legalized the selling of sexual services, many of the people from these same countries also look down on people who sell sexual services.

This article is not about the business of selling sexual services, but it is clear how everything related to sex is almost considered taboo by many people. So you must think twice before taking the leap and selling and even manufacturing sex toys.

Make no mistake, this situation is serious. There are people who won’t even consider buying sex toys from you or your company unless you convince them that their buying activities would be totally private.


On the upside though, as shown in the Redbook article and even some of the sex products you might have come upon, they are relatively easy to manufacture. The most common dildos for example of today are made out of silicone.

But if you would analyze what a sex toy is, it’s merely a long non-abrasive stick for female buyers and a non-abrasive hole for male buyers. Of course, most of the sex toy products of today are either made out of silicone or plastic.

But this could be an advantage for you. Since almost every sex toy seller today is concentrating on silicone and plastic materials, this could be your chance to introduce other sex toys made out from other materials.

If ancient Greek women can satisfy themselves with dildos made from bread, then why not explore this concept? There are already people selling cakes and pastries designed like sex organs, why not consider this concept?

Imagine if you sell packaged bread, candy or chip snacks shaped like sex organs, would people consider buying them? I can already see a group of people buying them for their laugh or novelty factor.

For example, there is a “Penis Festival” in Japan called ”Kanamara Matsuri”. Although this is not a sex festival, it nevertheless is a good event to consider. Imagine how many penis related products you can sell at this event.

You can sell food, wooden products and other souvenirs related to penis. If you for example made a Google image search for ”kanamara matsuri festival souvenirs”, you would find many such products.

If you are imagining of what imaginative products you can sell as sex toys, just consider that there are candles shaped out of men and women’s sex organs. Candles are not only shaped like sex organs.

They are also melted and the hot wax that they produce are dripped in one’s skin for sexual arousal. As you can see, candles are a good product to sell as sex toys or aids. Another thing you can consider is that candles can be scented which heightens their sex use.

I already saw online that candles shaped as men and women’s sex organs are already being marketed as Valentine’s gifts. There are also candles shaped out of naked men and women being sold online. As you can see, there are already a number of products you can make out of candles alone.


Let’s be honest. Not a lot of women gets to see a lot of male sex organs and not a lot of men gets to see a lot of female sex organs. Even when men and women have actual access to male and women sex organs, they may not be to their liking.

To make a long story short, male and female who are interested in sex buy sex toys because ordinary sex fails to fulfill them. But there is also another reason for this, and this is simply because there are plenty of men and women who have no access to real sex organs from others.

And this is where the makers of sex toys have excelled. They have used their cumulative knowledge both thru education and business experience to know which sex toys would really be helpful to people.

For example, Anal Beads may just look like any ordinary colored pearls jewelry, but they continue to sell until today. This is because they really help both male and females to get sexually aroused.

Anal beads just have the right size and abrasion to make them more sexually arousing than the human male’s sex organ. But these sex toys or aids are easy to manufacture. All you need are small beads that can be stringed together.

It’s all about the shape. And there are only two shapes to consider. As said before, for men it’s a non-abrasive hole the size of a woman’s sex organ, and for women, it’s a non-abrasive stick the diameter of a male’s sex organ and pardon the fun, much, much longer.

The second thing that needs to be considered is abrasion. For men, I assume that the tighter is the hole of a sex toy the more desirable it is for them, and for women, the thicker and longer is the sex toy, the more desirable it is for them.

Removing any malicious thought that might have developed in your mind after the few previous sentences I wrote about what makes a sex toy desirable, you should consider that since abrasion is a major selling point of a sex toy, you are free to imagine sex products that could sell based on their abrasion factors.

This is especially true for women’s sex toys. There are women’s sex toys that for example have small indentations or rings at several areas of their sex toys to increase their sexual arousal. This is also the reason why people try out different materials to rub in their body and most especially in their sensitive sex organs.

For example, the practice of putting ice on a person’s mouth as they lick another person’s body for sexual arousal is well documented. What if you can make a product like an ice container that would specifically shape ice for just such a purpose? Or what if you market a food flavor for ice to be used for sexual arousal?


We have discussed before that there is a stigma or a negative perception about sex toys and the people who sell them, but this could actually be a good thing for you especially if you want to have as little a competition as possible.

Since not many people would dare to venture into the sex toy or sex business, this leaves a lot of room for the people who are actually involved in it to consolidate their customer reach. The very thing negative thing about being in the sex industry do have a positive after all.

Let’s admit it, sex sells. Before social media took over the internet, online pornography accounted for more than 90% of internet traffic. Even today, online pornography still take in around 13% of web traffic and 20% of mobile traffic.

It’s even more astounding to know that pornography sites accounted for only about 4% of the total internet. For this reasons alone, this made many pornography site owners millionaires and even billionaires.

The owner of Pornhub for example is worth between 1.2 to 2 billion US. Doc Johnson for example, a sex toy company that have lasted for 45 years, still makes about 75,000 hand crafted sex toys a week. That’s 3,600,000 hand crafted sex toys a year!


Another thing that’s going in favor of the sex toy manufacturers are the continuing rise of human sexually transmitted diseases. This is the same reason why condom sales for both genders have been rising.

According to my online check of various business analysis websites, the condom industry is predicted to grow at an impressive CAGR of between 9% to 10% with the average being near 9.5%

Therefore, if you are in the sex toy industry, it might be a good thing to consider the condom market which is growing at a slightly more rate than the sex toy market although the growth rate for the products are already impressive enough.

From watching a few videos related to the sex doll manufacturing and the sex doll brothel industry, I garnered that for example, the reason that sex dolls are growing in popularity over human prostitutes is because they are perceived to be safer.

This means that sex dolls won’t give you sexually transmitted diseases or harm you the normal way a human can. This selling point can never be underestimated knowing how seedy some sex workers can be.


Speaking of sex dolls, what if the manufacturers of sex dolls also marketed them as plain mannequins? They can lessen their features to make their price range the same as those of ordinary mannequins.

Parts or the outer shells or coverings of these sex dolls can also be sold as accessories. I can imagine the leg outer shell of sex dolls can be used as display accessories for stocks and stockings.

What if vibrators can be marketed to be real massage machines. I see no difference between a vibrator and a small massager. It’s only the penile shape of the vibrator which makes it a vibrator in the first place.

In fact, before vibrators came along, ordinary massager machines were used by people to sexually arouse their sex organs. I see no point why the vibrators of today cannot do the same thing as massage machines.

Blow up sex dolls can be marketed as real balloons in the shape of humans or even animals. Blow up sex dolls are just filled with air anyway and are essentially just balloons. As you can see, there many way to market a sex toy, but I guess sex toy companies are already making good money marketing their products as mere sex toys.


Not many people go into the sex toy industry or for the sex industry for that matter. The reason is obvious, selling anything related to sex is still considered by many to be something that is not at all good.

But the figures show that sex toys and for the most part, any product related to sex sells at a healthy profit. This might be a reason for you to consider going into the sex toy industry if you are mainly interested on profit.

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