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Making Money from Appliances

The most obvious thing to do is to rent out your new or old appliances especially if you are a landlord. Depreciation vs Interest. Your appliance depreciates in value and even worse if you do not use them or just use them from time to time. If you rent out your appliances and put your earnings in the bank it would earn you interest income instead of them just sitting in your warehouse...

Renting Out Your Appliances

Of coarse the biggest issue just like with all things being rented out is will the persons renting your appliances take care of them. Should you provide a warranty? How long?

You should rent out your appliances on a short time basis only like on a weekly or a monthly basis so if the appliance breaks down the renter can easily get his money back from you because it is just a small amount.

It also gives you breathing space to check your rented out appliances to see its wear and tear condition and also to see if the renter is taking good care of them. A short contract easily enables you to take away your appliances if you determine the renter is abusing them.

Rent to own is also a consideration to better entice the potential renters to rent your appliances. You could buy them back at a much cheaper price should the opportunity exists. I do not see however those who sell new or refurbished appliances using this selling method. They can just ask a deposit or collateral if they fear the renter would run away with their appliances.

Consider delivery income too should the renters be unable to carry your appliances to their residence. Do not forget to take pictures just in case a dispute arises regarding the condition of the appliances after they were delivered.

Landlords can also add to the rent price any appliances they provide to the renter. This applies to furnitures as well. They can always reduce the price of the rent by taking away the included appliances and furnitures should the renter have their own appliances and furnitures.

There are plenty of renters who have no access to their own appliances and furnitures due to their own reasons like for example they frequently move from place to place because of their work. Landlords should earn extra income opportunity from these sort of renters.

Customising Appliances

Appliance also as time progresses become more and more high tech with some models becoming status symbol products. Once considered lifetime products they now become dated sometimes in just a year due to the fast technology updates being done to them. Enterprising people can offer services that modernise the look of appliances or customise them to fit the tastes of the owner.

You have refrigerators for example being coloured according to the tastes of the owner. We see old televisions being redesigned to have steampunk, gameboy, picture frame looks. Google “custom look television” and “steampunk style television” just to see how people theme their appliances. Those with the artistic flair are best suited for this income opportunity.


Your excess or unused appliances are losing value as time passes by due to inflation and depreciation and you should put them to good use instead of them wasting away. You could rent them out to responsible renters who would take care of them. This is especially true for customers who have no permanent residences or move a lot.
Your work might even become famous and make you and your services famous and well sought after as well.