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Making Money from Gift Ideas

Gift giving continuous to play a part in many occasions. We give gifts to the people we love and like and we even give gifts to ourselves. This is especially characterised in the celebration of Singles’ Day in China. As the name suggests single people buy presents for themselves and not for their partners. It is now the largest online shopping day in the world. A proof that people like to buy gifts.

Even food which used to be prepared by the host of the celebration also now are given as gifts. We now see all kinds of food gift boxes being sold in shops especially during occasions like Valentines, Christmas and New Year. Even big fast food restaurants are in on the act too. They have special food packaging for each occasion in the calendar.

When we think about gifts however what comes into mind is an object that is inside a cardboard box which is wrapped in a beautiful gift wrapper and held together also by a nicely woven gift ribbon. At the very least an object is considered a credible gift if it decorated by a gift ribbon. Like a wine with an attached gift ribbon is really meant as a gift.

I have seen gift bags and gift wrappers being sold together with a gift ribbon on shops and I wonder if enterprising people will soon start to sell ready made gift boxes already partially wrapped in gift wrapper and just waiting for the buyer to put the gift inside the box and then just tape in the gift ribbon. At the moment what I only see are shops offering gift wrapping services.

Speaking of gift ribbons I do not see any reason why ordinary paper cannot be used as a substitute for them. They are more versatile and can be printed on much better than ordinary gift ribbons. If instead of using ordinary gift ribbons which could only be decorated more frequently as a bow tie we use paper and use origami art to produce better looking gift ribbons.

If instead of wrapping a cardboard box in wrapping paper which takes time we directly decorate the cardboard box with prints? Will not this be a cheaper and much better product? Sounds like a good idea right? There is however a problem attributable to gifts and packaging: There is no standard size for a gift.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and this is the reason why shops and even households hoard all shapes and sizes of boxes so they can use them to wrap the gift when the occasion comes.

This problem however can be solved. Enterprising people can easily design a modular box that can fit a set size of objects. Google “multi size boxes” if you want an idea of how these boxes should look like.


I do not see much development in gift boxes and gift wrap products but I have seen online semblance of these ideas. Printed gift boxes for example already exist although not widely popular yet. I think all it takes is the right marketing of these new concepts by the sellers for them to make good money especially if they can produce and print on paper.