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Home Self-Defense Classes Without A Firearm

In some countries in the world, the ownership and proper use of a gun or firearm is allowed by the law. America for example is known for having very liberal firearm ownership laws. In this country, anyone can own several types of firearms at once of varying degrees of firepower.

Many firearm owners would either tell you that the reason they own a firearm is that they like firearms in the first place and like collecting them. This is a very legitimate reason to own a firearm.

But perhaps the number one reason firearm owners would tell anyone regarding the reason they own a firearm is for “self protection” or “self defense.” This is a legitimate reason too to own a firearm.

It is a well known fact that anyone can be assaulted by anyone anywhere, even inside their very own homes. According to the website nationsearch, there are 4,500 home burglaries that happen in America alone.


This statistic is nothing short of horrifying and no amount of prayers or community vigil will alleviate this fact. If this happens to a rich and developed country like America who is known for having the most number of well-off citizens, how about poor nations with poor policing powers.

To emphasize the gravity of the situation, home burglaries could result in the home burglars not only vandalizing the house, but they can attack the home owners as well. This can happen even if the home owners provoke or do not provoke the home burglars.

What could happen in these situations? The home owners can get assaulted by being beaten and even molested. And this is not the worst of it, the home owners can even be sexually assaulted and even killed.

And to repeat, this horrifying situation happens 4,500 times a day in America alone. This is the reason I understand why many people in this country own a firearm. Simply put, the police cannot be there all the time to protect your house and your family.

This may be a statistic that people who are against firearms do not know or are simply turning a blind eye on. Admittedly, there are people who use their firearms irresponsibly, but this has more to do with the firearm owner than the firearm itself.


Unless you are an American or living in a country with very liberal to liberal firearm laws, there might be a big chance that you would never be able to own one. There could be several reasons why, but the following are the most common ones.

1. Strict Government Regulations: This may be the biggest reason why many people in some countries never own a firearm even though they like to own one. It is a well known fact that in some countries, the ownership of a firearm is very much regulated.

Governments in some countries might demand security clearance certifications, mental health clearance, criminal history documents and so on in order to assess that a prospective firearm owner is the right character to own a firearm.

2. Cost: If a prospective firearm owner somehow manages to convince their government that they are of the right character to own a firearm, the cost issue comes next. Depending on the country, the government might decide to put a high tax on firearms sale.

If the prospective firearm owner have no problem with the high initial cost of owning a firearm, they can be saddled with annual firearm registration permits and the cost of insurance which may be prohibitive.


Short of inflated plushie dolls and the likes which are so soft that they can’t hurt anyone, almost anything solid or semi-solid can be used as a weapon. Even a simple ball point pen can become a very dangerous weapon in the right hands.

And to hammer the point even more, even inflated plushie dolls which can’t hurt anyone (Or could they?), can be used as a defense shield against many solid objects and even a sharp knife.

This might be the reason why people have turned to common and not so common household items to defend themselves against a home invasion. Of course, the number one home weapon of choice for most home owners are the seemingly innocent kitchen knives.

There are even kitchen knives that can cut through bone and even tin cans. This is how lethal kitchen knives can be. In fact, kitchen knives have been made popular by horror and crime movies as a weapon of choice for people who don’t own firearms.

And there’s the less common ones like baseball bats which can be literal skull crushers. Of course, we all know that Al Capone for one, is well known for using a baseball bat to kill one (Or a few?) of his less effective henchmen.


You might argue that martial arts or boxing is all that you would need. First Off, these two skills need years to learn. By the time you have learned to be at least a beginner, you may have already been assaulted at home.

Secondly, these two discipline necessitate a combat between two physically equal opponents. What happens if the people burglarizing your home are six feet tall and you are only four feet tall?

Home burglars would also come with weapons, at the very least knives. Are you confident enough that your martial arts or boxing skills would stop a knife if you blocked it with your hands or feet. You can instantly get a knife wound in mere seconds!

There are also martial arts schools that train you to use swords, knives, daggers and so on. While they boost your self-defense and even assault skills, take note that in almost all countries, these are considered dangerous weapons and are banned from private ownership.

But the government can’t stop you from owning kitchen knives no matter how sharp they are, right? How about the billiard balls or the baseball balls you happen to own? They’re not illegal but they make for very lethal projectiles.


We’ve already settled the almost any solid and especially pointed object in our house can be used as a weapon. We have even made a use for the seemingly innocent plushie dolls we have at home which can basically be used as light shields.

How about a kettle of boiling water or hot soup to deter a home burglar? Believe me, boiling water can be more painful than a solid object when it comes to impact. What about the insect spray that we use for insects?

The chemical on these insect sprays have the capability not only to temporarily blind a burglar but permanently as well. How about the bottle of wine just hanging around in your cupboard? Break the bottle and you instantly have a very lethal sharp object.

How about the many forks in your kitchen? They might not be very sharp and heavy to inflict significant damage, but a human’s eyes is very fragile, one hit from a fork and even a spoon might be enough to cause blindness.

As can be seen, it takes a bit of imagination and even a knowledge of what are the potentially lethal and self defense objects in our homes. Unfortunately, the knowledge and the skills needed for this is still hard to come by, if ever it does.


How about you? That’s Right, how about you? Why don’t you learn and teach these knowledge and skills? For example, you can learn all about baseball bats and get good at using it not as a sports equipment, but a self defense equipment.

How about kitchen knives? Of course, cooks, chefs and those who work in the kitchen know a lot of things about kitchen knives, but do they know how to properly use it as a self-defense weapon?

I can already tell you outright that not many cooks and chefs throw their knives at the wall and especially at anyone. This skill is a lot more difficult than just using a kitchen knife to cut meat. For one, you need to know how different kitchen knives behave when thrown.

The mere magnitude of objects in the home which can be used properly as a weapon or a self defense too is a lot. And this represents a great body of knowledge which can be learned and taught.

The mere fact of selecting the right object is a study all in itself. No one for example has the time or even money to study which baseball bat is right for both sport and self defense or purely as a self defense equipment.


Of course, for the most part this kind of skill needs a proper training facility to be learned. You might fear that YouTube instructional videos might appear and take away a significant part of your income.

But you are teaching very physical skills which need actual physical training to be learned. For example, if your client wants to learn how to use soft plushie dolls as temporary shields against knife attacks or other objects, they would need actual supervision to learn.

This would entail actually simulating an attack which needs to be supervised so that it can be learned without anyone getting hurt. How about learning how to throw objects properly? I’m sure not anyone would like to use their own household belongings as training materials.

Your training facility does not have to be a spotless facility. In my opinion, it would look more like a warehouse filled with discarded home objects that would mainly be thrown and used as a projectile.

I can even imagine a house setting complete with broken appliances as props. You might even give special classes where you simulate the setup of a client’s house for them to determine which are the weak and strong points of their house both in defense and offense.


Of course, you not only make money by teaching, but by selling merchandize as well. In the area of kitchen knives for example, you yourself can sell the proper self defense kitchen knives to your clients.

Or, you can act as a middleman or agent between your client and the company that sell such merchandize. For example, you can teach your clients regarding plushie dolls that protect against hits and punches.

You can then recommend these same plushie dolls to your clients maybe for their own use or their young children. I don’t know if such plushie dolls exist yet, but I imagine there would be plushie dolls that protect children from bullies.

It can also be as simple as selling home security electronics like alarms and surveillance cameras. We all know that prevention might be more important than the cure. This also applies to home burglaries.

In short, you can sell an entire range of household products with each one having a dual purpose of both being an ordinary household object as well as a self defense or an attack weapon.


It’s sad to say that anyone can be assaulted at anytime and anywhere even in the relative safety of their own homes. This is the reason why some people have resorted to owning firearms to protect themselves.

But not all people are able to own a firearm nor have an inclination to do so. The good news is that a lot of common household objects can be used as a weapon or a self-defense tool. If you happen to learn this knowledge and skills, you can capitalize on it.

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