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Canned Foods And Canned Food Restaurants

For many people around the world, canned food is synonymous with second rate foods. This means that canned foods are predominantly unappetizing, of low quality and may even be downright unhealthy.

Then I remembered Caviar which is considered food for people with exquisite tastes. If you must know, caviar are fish eggs harvested straight from the stomach of fishes and could be very expensive depending on the quality and brand.

One thing I know about caviar is that it is either bottled in small jars or canned. This got me thinking, maybe not all canned foods can be considered as second rate foods. Maybe there are other canned foods that are the likes of canned caviar.

After I did a quick search online, not only did I find premium canned foods, but I also found out that there are restaurants that actually serve canned foods. You can for example use the search keyword: “canned food restaurant” to get a glimpse of the world of canned food restaurants.


It came as no surprise to me that when I searched YouTube for canned good restaurants, I came across videos of Japanese canned food restaurants. Afterall, the Japanese are well known for their innovative concepts.

You just have to look at the propensity of vending machines in Japan for example. Japanese vending machines are stocked with almost anything. They can be stocked with food like fruits to more vague items like children’s toys to women’s panties.

But we’re not here to talk about Japanese vending machines although they also stock canned foods, or anything else Japanese. This article is mainly about Japanese canned foods and how they are mostly way ahead of other countries’ canned foods offerings.

Perhaps the YouTube video below would give you a good idea of how expansive and advanced canned foods have become in Japan:

YouTube Video: Japanese Canned Food Restaurant ★ ONLY in JAPAN


As can be seen from the previous YouTube Video linked in this article. The Japanese canned food culture has advanced well enough that they are already offering restaurant quality canned foods in some of their food establishments.

Here’s another YouTube Video about a Japanese canned food restaurant:

YouTube Video: Japanese Canned Food & Train Bar

As can be seen, the canned foods served in these restaurants are not your average canned foods. The canned foods served here are real meal dishes which can really be eaten on an as is basis. There is no need for you to cook it.

Granted that for serving purposes they still have to be sometimes served in dishes and even microwaved or heated, but still, these canned foods can already be eaten straight from the can itself.

But this is no surprise to me now upon knowing that there are now even canned food sandwiches. Well, this is no real surprise since canned peanuts already exist decades ago and canned panties are available somewhere in the world.


Below is a somewhat is a dated article from the site Daily Meals which give a glimpse idea of how canned food restaurants are thriving in some parts of the world:

Website Article: These 10 Restaurants Serve Canned Food… and Their Customers Love It

As can be seen, the USA would not be left behind in the canned food restaurant business. There are a few of them mentioned in the article. This should come as no surprise since many Americans are used to the idea of convenience foods.

But what surprised me was that canned food restaurants also exist in Europe. This might just be my own personal opinion, but I perceive Europeans as having high standards when it comes to food.

But I reasoned to myself that maybe even the Europeans have advanced in the field of food canning so much so that they also can high quality foods. This is the only logical answer I can think of. Afterall, Premium quality canned butter and cheese comes from Europe.


And it seems I was right. The European have also put their own twist on canned food restaurants. They have presented canned food with the same way they presented freshly cooked foods in their restaurants.

This YouTube Video is worth watching if you want to get a good glimpse of the canned food restaurants in Europe:

YouTube Video: Canned Food Restaurant - Conservas Nudista serves cans & tins | Canned Food Taste Test

If you watched the video, one of the information presented in the video is how Spain has advanced greatly also in food canning such that there are food sellers in the country who offer canned versions of the foods they sell.

Another interesting thing to note in the video is in the way these high quality canned foods are served. They are served in beautiful restaurant surroundings complete with beautiful plates and cutlery.

It seems to me that these high quality canned foods get more respect that freshly cooked fast food dishes. This is only goes to show that there are people or foodies out there who really crave canned foods.


Of course, the most obvious and biggest advantage of canned foods is their long shelf life. I have seen canned foods which expiry dates lasting longer than five years. There are plenty of articles online for example of how long an unopened can of Spam can last.

It is safe to say that if you have a canned food restaurant, your canned food won’t last years before it is bought and served. Besides this obvious advantage, you also need to be aware that canned food don’t need refrigeration and do not need to be stored in special containers or rooms.

The money you would save on not having to buy an expensive refrigerator or freezer and not having to pay for 24/7 electricity is already a good point to consider, but consider also that canned foods don’t get destroyed or contaminated easily. They are safe from rats and insects for example.


I have discussed that there are food sellers in Spain who have adopted the strategy of also canning the food they sell besides selling them fresh. It seems like a good idea, but can you realistically implement this as well?

When I did a quick search on YouTube regarding the canning process of food from your own home, most of the videos I came across are about canning food using glass jars as the containers.

This is one way you could go about it. There are many foods that are commercially sold which are canned this way. The process of canning food using glass jars are fairly simple as well. There are many YouTube videos about it.


Perhaps the greatest advantages of glass jar canning over tin can canning is the relative ease you could do it. Tin can canning requires special equipment and the process might even be delicate. One mistake in sealing the can and your canned food is contaminated.

With glass jar canning, all you need are glass jars which can be bough anywhere, even online. You also only need common kitchen cookware to can foods and you are ready to go. All you need is to make sure that your glass jar is properly sealed to ensure your canned food is not contaminated.

Another advantage of glass jars over tin can would be in presentation and perception. Because your customers can see the food inside the canned glass food jar, they are more likely to be tempted to buy and eat it.

Although beautiful tin can packaging can also make a canned food tempting for the customers to buy, nothing screams “eat me” than a food clearly visible from a glass jar especially if it is aesthetically arranged.

Another thing going against canned food is the perception that the mixture of a tin metal can and food which may be in liquid or semi-liquid form is unhealthy. Many people still believe that the food inside tin cans corrode the metal can themselves.


The biggest disadvantage with glass jar canning is that glass can get easily broken. Unlike a tin can canned food which can survive a drop, a glass jar would surely smash into pieces when dropped.

Another glaring disadvantage of food canned in glass jars is that unlike tin can food, they are more susceptible from the effects of heat, humidity and other natural elements. Sunlight for example is not very good for foods stored in glass jars.


One food packaging solution you should definitely take a look at is tetra pack food packaging. An increasing number of foods and other items are already being packed this way. Food and personal hygiene products are just some products that are now packed this way.

They are not only a cheaper option in many cases but are more easier to pack. Their obvious disadvantage over tin canned foods is that they are not as tamper resistant because they can be punctured or even chewed upon by animals like rats.


Not only could you make money serving canned foods in your restaurant, but you can also retail sell them with ease. Since they are pre-cooked/pre-prepared, they are much faster to serve and sell than fast food.

Just imagine how the fast food industry would be turned over its head if ever canned fast food is sold. Just remember, there are already canned sandwiches, so it is entirely possible that canned hamburgers and Big Macs could also be sold.

There are also canned potato chips, so it is only a small step before canned French fries are sold complete with their grease and salt. Remember also that soda is already sold in cans. We might just be looking into the future where a complete Happy Meal is sold in canned tins.


I saw in Google Patents an application for canned cooked rice. If ever this technology pushes through, I see even more potential for canned foods and canned food restaurants to be widely adopted.

Many people today simply do not have the time to cook their own meals, especially single people. Imagine if canned goods would be an always ready food source for these people.

The same reason that fast foods seem to be taking over the cooking chores of many households would be the same reason why canned foods and canned food restaurants could become a necessity for many people.


The humble canned foods which are usually treated as second rate foods are slowly coming to the fore. The quality of canned foods in some countries have enabled restaurateurs to offer them as their main dishes.

Canned food restaurants are already a thing in Japan and America and in some countries in Europe. Perhaps we might someday see fast food restaurants offering canned versions of their food especially since canned soda, bread, chips and rice are already a thing.

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