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Italian Takeaway in Asia Town

I used to live in the suburb of Campsie, Australia. It is a multicultural suburb where those from asian ethnicity dominate. The shopping district is almost composed entirely of asian stores and restaurants. Even the banks have a large number of employees of asian ethnicity to cater to the predominantly asian customers.

Australian Food is Very International

If I have to buy non-asian products I would have to buy from the big Australian stores like the single supermarket and superstore that sell local Australian as well as international brands. However the general feel is that you are in an asian territory where caucasians are the minority. However there are caucasians who do visit this shopping district attracted by the unique products as well as food.

There are Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese food sellers in the area either as takeaways or full fledged restaurants. Nothing special about these as there are many people of these ethnicities living in the area. Even caucasian Australians like tasting food that comes from other countries.

Living by myself in Australia means that the tendency to cook for oneself is low in my priorities just like the other single people I know living alone in the suburb. They would rather buy food regularly from these takeaways rather than cook. So I checked the prices of these takeaways to see if buying food from them would fit my budget.

Australian Roast Chicken is Affordable

I found out that eating takeaways as a substitute for eating home prepared meals is costly and would eat most of my budget except for buying roast whole chicken which could be bought at a reasonable price and combined with home cooked rice. The only problem to this is that I would have to eat roast chicken everyday which could become unbearable.

Inexpensive Yet Delicious and Filling

I nevertheless tried my roast chicken strategy and decided to look for sellers of roast chicken. I knew they were available at some places in the shopping district but either they were too expensive or cheap but unappetising. Then following a shopper one day with roast chicken in their hand I stumbled in an almost remote location in the shopping district an Italian takeaway.

It was a small takeaway but what surprised me were the constant stream of patrons buying from them. You would have thought that most of them would be caucasians because they are after all a European food seller. You instead see many people of asian ethnicities buying from them. What are their best selling food? Roast chicken and their chips or french fries.

The roast chicken I can understand. The buyers are after a good deal. Their cheaply priced chicken is delicious and would feed a family so these buyers have delicious food and save money. The chips or French fries which I think is their biggest seller is always on demand that they get sold out within minutes and the sellers have to cook again a new batch repeatedly.

What is so special about their chips? They are thick unlike the thin fries sold in fast foods. It would take the fast foods about 5 pouches of chips to match the size of their regular pouch which is also much cheaper than a regular pouch of chips for a fast food. I knew then that many of their customers buy these cheap and delicious but very filling chips for their dinner.

I myself would buy a pouch of their chips and eat it as dinner. The newly cooked chips combined with chicken powder or salt is so delicious that I can finish the entire pouch within minutes. I also save money which is also an added benefit. I found out that there are many people in Australia especially young people who like eating hot chips as meals because not only are they delicious but cheap and can be shared with your friends.

The Italian takeaway also sell pasta and other potato based food. I would also buy the potato based food. Not as delicious as freshly cooked chips but nevertheless very filling. A single disposable food container box would last me 2 meals. They have several of these potato based dishes which not only save me money but gives me a full meal.

They also sell salads which support my vegetable dietary needs. They also sell sodas which is enough to satisfy my cravings for sweets. All in all I was able to not cook for my meals anymore but still save money. Their food is full of carbohydrates and protein which is very filling as compared to the food of other sellers in the area which more expensive but may not be as filling.

An Everyday Meal Provider

Their food is ideal for people who can make do with basic food day in day out whose main concern is saving money. Not that the food they sell are not delicious on the contrary I could eat for example their freshly cooked chips for days on end. I could even dare say that I prefer their food to the more ingredient laden foods being sold by their competitors.

They may be a small Italian takeaway in a place dominated by asian customers and asian competitors but they have something that their competitors do not have although the competitors sell to largely their own people. They sell a universal need by many people for cheap but delicious and nutritious food no matter the country of source.

They have helped people like me who are struggling with their financial situation to find food that could nutritionally support them. They may not know it but in a big way they have helped me survive alone. It helps too that the elderly man who was always serving me always have a big smile in his face and would always ask how I was doing.


From what I can see anyone can be in a good mood from eating these kinds of food. Cheap, delicious and filling who would not be satisfied? These small takeaway is successful if not surviving because they sell foods that anyone would like to buy.

Note: Did I forget to tell you that they also make cheap, delicious and filling fried rice which they know people like especially asians? Very smart of them.