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Earning from Restaurants

Often many people are just too busy or too bored to prepare food and then cleanup after a meal. That is why the number of people buying takeaways and eating at restaurants is ever increasing. Add to the fact that fast food and restaurant food is usually more delicious than homemade meals.

People Do Not Like Preparing Meals

Many people do not even cook anymore during special events. They buy their celebration foods from restaurants and fast foods instead. These establishments even have dishes especially made for special occasions. They have “party packs” or special “meal packages” that are made specifically to feed a lot of people.

Some fast foods like McDonalds open very early to serve breakfast for their customers. They even have specific meals designed for breakfast. This is how dependent many people are now to fast food restaurants that they even drive very early in the morning just to be able to eat or to buy their breakfast and coffee to take to work.

I remember working in an office business district in the Philippines and bringing my lunch packed from home to work. Even though I can regularly bring or eat my lunch brought from home I still find myself almost always eating out from mobile food trucks or from the many food establishments in the area. They not only offer convenience but also a variety of food choices.

I believe one of the reason there are many people selling food in many office business districts is because many people working in these offices buy them for comfort. Unlike physical jobs which can be dirty or fast paced office or desk jobs are relatively clean and more relaxed. The combination of idleness and a safe eating area induces one to eat to spend a bit of time.

Even Home Meals are Being Commercially Replaced

I remember living in an apartment where we as the tenants have our own rooms but all the other home facilities are shared. One of my co-tenants who is living alone never cooked his meals anymore. He instead has a supply of microwaveable meals that he kept in a small refrigerator provided by his meal supplier.

The company who makes these meals claim that the meals are healthy and well balanced nutritionally. This is according to my co-tenant. This is so convenient that the other tenants who are also living alone in the house also became customers of the company. Could this be the future of home meals for single people?

I believe people who live alone could be a viable market for companies that serve microwaveable meals. I for one got tired of cooking for myself that I resorted to buying 2 meals from the restaurants near my office. The first meal I ate during lunch and the second meal I reheat and then eat during dinner. Some of the singles I know do the same.

Mobile Food Selling and Delivery

Food trucks are also getting popular. Food trucks can go to places where customers congregate even in empty car parks. There are many restaurateurs who began their career by selling from food trucks and it may even supplement their restaurant income.

Although food trucks can be expensive there are people who sell ready made meals and other food right out the back of whatever vehicles they have even motorcycles or bikes to supplement their income. Imagine if gig workers delivering food for fast food restaurants also sell their own little food products such as sweets to complement the food they are delivering.

You Can Start By Offering to Cook For People

If you are just starting out in the restaurant business or have limited funds to start one maybe you can try this. I saw this in the Philippines and Vietnam and maybe it is similar to other places in Asia. We went to a group of establishments by the water. It is primarily a fish produce area where boats come in to deliver their haul of fish catch.

The establishment has three (3) distinct groups serving their customer base. The first group entertained the customers, the second group sells fresh seafood to customers, and the third and last group cooks the seafood which the customers bought from the second group. They also serve the cooked food and clean up after the customers have finished eating.

As you can see the third group require less capital to operate their business than the second group who needs more capital to sell their seafood. They also are an important part of the establishments as without them the establishments are nothing more than a fish market and they are the primary reason why people come to the area.


Though the restaurant industry or the food industry in general is very competitive there will always be a demand for it as people need to eat. One important thing we can be sure about is that people want convenience in eating their food. Perhaps there will come a time when almost all of people’s food preparation chores will be done by food suppliers that they mostly just need to eat the food served to them.