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Earning from Food Delivery

Food delivery is a growing industry. Food Cargoes, Groceries, fast foods, restaurant foods, alcohol and so on are being delivered using all kinds of vehicles like trucks, vans, cars and predominantly by motorcycle food couriers.

The people and groups working in this industry are varied. Some are big logistics companies, others are online food distribution platforms and still others are just done by small mom and pop operations and even by solopreneurs.

One type of small operation food delivery is office lunch delivery. Lunch is the most eaten meal of the day and it is big business. These small business people or solopreneurs usually cook the lunch food themselves or have others do it but one thing they do is deliver the lunch food to the offices.

Amatuers vs. Professionals

The amateurs usually cook the lunch food and then hope the customer buys their food. This is a risky way of doing business and instead of earning money these small business people may instead lose money due to the unsold lunch food which would soon go stale.

The professional ones however ask their customers in advance what type of lunch food they would like to eat and ask for payment in advance or even just a downpayment. This way they do not lose money.

Another Service You Can Offer

A further service I can think of that these people can offer is food delivery of fast foods which they can deliver together with their own food. Employees for example get tired of eating home cooked type lunches and prefer fast food from time to time but they are either too lazy or the fast food place is not accessible to them during lunch time maybe due to the one (1) hour lunch time constraint. They can earn delivery fees from this added service.


Business amateurs usually start a business when they see other people succeeding in the business that they want to get involved in. Most often there are many wannabe businesspeople who base their business on current trends being popularised by the latest trendy business guru. As a result they most of them fail immediately or could not sustain their business in the long run.

The real business people study first before starting a business and use tried and tested methods to create successful if not thriving businesses. One of the first thing they do is to study if there is a demand and whether the demand is enough for them to profit on. They also conduct their business professionally and have professional relations with their customers.

Although a small lunch supply and delivery business for example can not be compared to million dollar companies the owners of both businesses must still use sound business practices to thrive. Any business owner who thinks business success is an accident or takes luck will not succeed.