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Subway Cookies

I remember whenever I buy a sandwich at Subway I would also buy a few of their chocolate and peanut cookies which were my favourites. They taste fresh, hot and delicious. Subway must have mastered the right way of baking them that they crumble just enough to be enjoyed not unlike other cookies that are either too hard to bite or too moist to chew that you do not relish eating them.

Looking at some posts by Subway franchise owners online I can see that these cookies sell well especially the chocolate and peanut varieties that I wonder why other restaurants are not doing the same.

Many People Like Sweet Food

Usually after I had a meal l like to finish it with something a bit sweet to satisfy my “sweet tooth” or my liking for sweet-tasting foods. I found out that there is a hormone named FGF21 in our liver that regulates our craving for sweet-tasting foods. People with active hormones are likely to consume 20% more sweet-tasting foods than normal.

After a meal I also tend to think about the people I care about who were not able to enjoy the meal that I had at the restaurant like young children who particularly like sweet-tasting snacks. I would rather buy them these sweet cookies than candies which compared are not as healthy.

Call them “Food Gifts” if you will. This satisfies the desire of people to share their wonderful experiences in this case their satisfying meal.


I am just using the Subway cookies as a metaphor it could be any sweets located near the restaurant counter that may just push the client into giving in to their sweet tooth and/or their desire to give gifts to others as a way to share their meal experience. I have actually seen a few enterprising restaurants do this.

Note: Honestly Subway cookies are so delicious that there are plenty of online articles discussing of ways to duplicate the way they are made.