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Chili as Medicine

There are many ailments which chili supposedly cures. These are different forms of cancer, rheumatism, stiff joints, respiratory ailments, headache, arthritis, heart arrhythmias and so on. I will however concentrate on just two (2) of the common ailments we usually have in our day to day lives.

Soothes Breathing

The first use of chili would be to unblock our noses and lungs from the thick mucus that form caused by allergies and infections like a cold, cough or sore throat. Capsaicin is a compound found in chili peppers that help thin out the mucus and stimulate the sinuses resulting in better air circulation in our body.

Simply add chilies to a liquid like a soup, broth, noodles and then consume. As you feel the heat sensation in your body and the burning taste in your tongue the capsaicin also thins out the mucus in your lungs and nose. Do not forget to bring a handkerchief and/or a paper napkin to wipe the thin mucus that would be coming out of your nose as well as the tears coming out of your eye which is also due to the effect of capsaicin.

Muscle Relaxant

Secondly capsaicin is also an effective muscle relaxant. Most of the capsaicin is found in the seeds of the chili pepper. Mix the chilies with body oil and then leave the mixture for 6 to 8 weeks. Rub a small portion of the mixture in your hands to see if it is working. Let it sit some more if the desired effect does not materialise. Repeat until you feel the effect in your hands.

When the mixture is ready massage the mixture on your ailing muscles. The heat in the mixture stimulates circulation similar to the effect of a heat pack.

Making Money from Chili

In both of this example chili is just added to liquids we commonly found at our kitchen and beauty cabinet namely liquid for drinking and body oil. Enterprising people can sell mixtures of these to earn money.

A restaurateur can advertise his broth, noodle or soup as good for respiratory circulation especially if their client has coughs or colds and earn money.

Enterprising people can sell dried powdered chili in sachets for example for their clients to mix with soups or oils advertising it as a natural and cheaper remedy for their ailments. People sometimes just do not know the health effects of simple everyday products.

I for example used to buy cough and cold medicines whenever I have a cold but now just buys very spicy Korean instant noodles to remedy me and it is effective.


Chili can be used as a medicine and can even be marketed as one. There are already a lot of articles online many backed by science research to prove this. The main problem for marketing chili as medicine is that not many people get sick with the sicknesses chili cures. However if one is able to market chili as a preventative medicine one stands to create a lot of demand for chili as medicine.