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Earning Money From Mung Beans

Mung Beans grow fast and are hardy plants. They do not die easily and are ideal to be planted in sunny climates or during summer. They are considered to be heat and tolerant to drought. For example I saw a YouTube video titled Mung Beans 2020 - Saunders Farming which shows a very large planting ground for mung bean plants.

If you study the video long enough you will see that there is almost a very large barren land adjacent to the mung bean planting ground. This shows how mung beans can grow even in the toughest of lands with the right planting methods. Incidentally mung beans are one of Australia’s most profitable export crops although they are facing increasing competition from other countries.

Global Demand is Increasing

Demand is also increasing from such countries as Europe were the locals have gained an increasing taste for it due to the exotic dishes introduced by migrants and also from the increasing health consciousness of the locals. Even in India which is one of the biggest grower and consumer of mung beans the demand has risen to such levels that they have to import them.

One market analyst EMR (Expert Market Research, expertmarketresearch.com) projects the mung bean market will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2020 and 2025. So if you are involved in the farming or distribution of mung beans then this is good news for you. But of course your success depends on how you can successfully market your mung beans.

Uses of Mung Beans

Mung beans have different uses. They are used as food especially since they are rich in proteins. They are also used in personal care. They are internally taken to improve health as well as applied to external parts of the body such as hair and skin to improve their health. You can for example apply grounded mung beans or buy the commercial mung bean skin care products.

The best explanations for the many uses of mung beans can be found in the varied YouTube videos about mung beans. Simply typing the search keyword “mung beans for” and you would be given by YouTube a list of videos showing the different uses of mung beans.

They can be used not only as human food but as well as animal food like for pigs and fishes. There are online articles that attest to better profits being had by pig farmers from feeding their pigs mung beans. Fish growers also benefit when they mix mung beans to the diet of commercially farmed fishes.

Mung Bean Businesses

So there is a big market for mung beans. Since this is a staple product many people already grow and market it. If you are a farmer the bigger your land is the bigger is the potential for you to earn from mung beans. If you are a distributor the bigger is your capital the bigger the chances you have of earning from mung beans as well.

But can those who do not own a proper farming land and can only call their garden as their farming land still profit from mung beans? Of course there are many uses for mung beans as previously stated and one can for example manufacture mung bean personal care products from home.

Since most uses of mung beans outside of food require them to be powdered and maybe even dehulled you can offer this service right from home and sell them online. One thing good about this is that should your products not sell online you can cook mung beans and eat it or sell them to people near you. You can also use unsold mung beans for your personal care or as feed to your animals.

Mung Bean Sprouts

So it is worthwhile growing them even if you only have a small piece of land. They even grow on small pots. So instead of growing ornamental plants of no practical use you can plant mung beans instead. Even better news is growing mung bean sprouts. Easily one of the best thing about growing mung bean sprouts is that you can grow them without using any soil.

The biggest advantage of growing mung bean sprouts is that they grow within days! So if you are looking at a plant that you can easily harvest within days you should grow mung bean sprouts. You can either grow them for yourself or if you are serious enough you can grow them in commercial quantities right at home.

For proof of how fast mung bean grows simply type the search term “how to grow mung beans fast” in YouTube and there would be plenty of videos which would show you that it only takes days for mung bean sprouts to grow even in very basic home setups. It is so easy to do that even children can do it.

Mung Bean Sprout Business

Never underestimate the lack of motivation by your clients to do even simple things for themselves. Mung bean sprout growing is so easy and can cheaply be done but very few people are actually doing it. Should you ever decide to grow mung bean sprouts do it in stages and asses how much the demand for your mung bean sprouts would be.

You should assess how much mung beans you and your family can consume in a given period of time and use it as a starting point in the amount of mung bean sprouts you will grow. As your planting techniques get better your plant yields will grow as well and then you can consider offering your mung bean sprouts to other people.

This is the time you start evaluating the market for potential clients and especially the cost of taking your mung bean sprout growing commercial. You might find that there is too little demand or too much competition that you might end up losing money instead of earning money from your mung bean sprout business.

Unlike mung beans which could be used for a variety of purposes and lasts a long time mung bean sprouts can only be basically used as food and would die down in a short time so be very careful in assessing the demand for your mung bean sprouts.


As can be seen mung beans can be a profitable business for you and the demand is growing. You can start small and plant mung beans or make products from it by yourself or even ask neighbours to plant the mung beans themselves and just supply you. The point is that just like any business you should concentrate on finding a client base for your products to be successful.