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Earn Money from Meat

Most people eat a variety of meat products for everyday cooking especially during barbecues. Some people like vegetarians do not eat them. Most of our meat comes from fish, chicken, beef and pigs. Additional sources are sheep, turkey and so on. Many people though will sell and eat any animal like the Africans who eat “bush meat” which means any animal that lives in the jungle....

Bush Meat

Africans are not the only people who eat a variety of meat that comes from the jungle. Australian aboriginals and even many common Australians living in rural places for example eat a variety of animals from their jungle. This can however be a divisive issue with animal lovers expressing condemnation against eating certain animals such as wild horses.

For example a rural butcher receives regular messages of threats from people who condemn him for selling horse meat. He however has no problems in selling regular meat including uncommon ones such as deer and kangaroo meat. Aspiring butchers should take note of other people’s concern for specific animals to avoid any potential problems.

Insect Meat

When I mean meat I also mean insect meat. Insects are comparable to animals in terms of protein content. They are also more much numerous in terms of numbers and volume as compared to animals which makes them a good alternative to animals as a source of food.

There are also insects that produce edible eggs that are considered delicacies in many countries and are much sought and also expensive as compared to animal meat. The eggs of certain ant species for example in Thailand are being sold online. They are preserved and sold at prices much higher than normal meat. Google “ant eggs for sale” to get a glimpse.

Of course insects as food is not yet culturally mainstream in many parts of the world especially in highly urbanised western cities. However people are getting conditioned to the idea of insects as normal food due in part to lifestyle food channels who feature unusual foods being eaten by people living in other countries.

Popular also are insect eating challenge videos both in television and Youtube that show usually caucasians eating different kinds of insects in Asian or African settings. The persons usually eating the insects have the cringe look in their faces for added effect. Since this is still not common in many parts of the world an entertainer preferably from the West can add this to their act and get sure audience attention.

Many sellers of insect meat also sell them in powdered form. This is usually more appealing to consumers as they look like most ordinary powdered food. The sight of any insect wether alive, dead or cooked still cringes most people so this is a good strategy for anyone wanting to sell insects. Powdered insect food is also being sold online.

Preserved Meat

Animal and fish meat can also be preserved by salting or smoking them. This means if anyone has extra supplies of these meat that are unsold they can still be preserved and sold some other time. Know your market though. Preserved animal is agreeable to many western people but preserved fish is not.

Animal Bones

Though our meat sources are varied what unites them all is that all of them have bones. People have boiled bones as food flavourings for ages. Many restaurants and other places where they serve food usually have a huge vat that is always heated. This vat is where the bones are boiled to produce broth that flavours many meat dishes.

I have eaten at many restaurants serving Asian food that serves this meat broth as an appetiser. Some of these restaurants even sell this meat broth instead of giving it away for free with the meal. Though they are usually sold very cheap given that they are made with no other ingredients but leftover bones and some flavouring these restaurants must earn from it.

Fish bones can be cooked to a crisp that they can be deliciously crunchy when eaten. They can also be cooked so tender that they almost crumble in your mouth. That is why I think it is a waste when people throw away the fish bones when they prepare their dishes. There are many Youtube videos of people eating crunchy deep fried fish bones especially the head.

I know of enterprising people who go to restaurants and buy the fish bones discarded by the cooks when they prepare their fish dishes. These fish bones usually come from expensive and therefore delicious fish. Some of these discarded fish bones most especially the fish head even have bits of meat in them. They then sell these to people who primarily use the fish bones for cooking fish broth and do not want to buy the expensive fish.

Imagine the amount of fish bones being thrown away at restaurants everyday. There must be tons of them and many of them just goes to waste instead of being a source of income.


As can be seen meat whether the meat itself or the bones (or in insects their exoskeleton) can be cooked or sold to earn money. It is important to properly market them such that the stigma of eating another living thing is removed. You should also market them such that the cringe factor of eating uncommon meat, poultry and fish is eliminated from the minds of consumers.