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Make Money from Snack

We consume them inbetween meals to keep our hunger pangs at bay while we wait for our normally scheduled meals. They nevertheless are a daily part of our normal food habits especially to the always food energy needy children and to those with active and very physical lifestyles.

Junk Food is Being Banned

They have however a tarnished reputation. A snack is considered unhealthy and most believe it only appeals to us because it is either salty, sweet or oily or all of the above. In fact several countries in the world like Canada, Chile, France, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Taiwan, UK, USA and many others have enacted laws banning snacks considered junk food in schools.

Nutritious Snacks are Getting Popular

Nutritious snacks however are growing in popularity although they are mostly more expensive. Anyone aspiring to earn money by selling snacks must carefully study the laws of any country they wish to sell in particularly laws pertaining to children. It is advisable that any snacks one sells should have nutritional content to gain the approval of consumers and the government.

The healthy snacks market will be worth $32.88 billion by 2025 globally. This is according to Grand View Research, Inc.. According to them the market will expand at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecasted period. This is due to the increasing awareness by consumers of the product’s health benefits.

This is also due to the increasing desire of the younger generation especially the millennials to eat healthy foods. According to a 2018 survey by LEK Consulting (a UK Management Consulting firm) 63% of almost 1,600 consumers they surveyed preferred healthy and sustainable foods and beverages.

Comfort Food Serves a Purpose

Do not despair however if you are a seller of snacks that are not so nutritious. Even though the general trend is towards the increased consumption of nutritious food there is a report by the World Health Organisation or WHO that the Covid 19 global pandemic is causing many people staying in their homes to turn to Comfort Foods to try to relieve their anxieties.

While not espousing comfort foods they do have their purpose. They are not named “comfort foods for nothing”. They may not be the healthiest foods but people generally turn to them to get that happy feeling. Scientific research have found out that comfort foods activate certain parts of the human brain responsible for giving Euphoria.

Have you noticed that certain snacks like potato chips and chips made from corn for example have been growing in size. This is the euphoria effect at work. Once people eat a single chip they have to have another until they have consumed the entire bag. There are even now many flavours of the same chip.

Usually the product begins as a plain chip. Then the same chip offering expands to have a cheese, barbecue, salt, chili and other flavours. Sounds familiar right? Almost all companies do this now. If you ever enter the chip business you too have to do this otherwise your marketshare will be taken by your competitors who will entice your customers with new flavours regularly.

Snack Food with Vitamins

Vitamins are expensive and cost conscious people would rather buy food that has some of the health benefits of vitamins. This could be another area of competition for snack food sellers. Many snack food sellers infuse vitamins in their products and advertise heavily the vitamin content of their products. You could also try this technique to gain more customers.

You Can Start Small

A solopreneur can start out first by offering specialised nutritious snacks instead of meals aimed primarily at children. Snacks are ideal for children because they normally suit their taste buds and their constant need for energy from food. Children also prefer snacks compared to vitamin tablets or even capsules.

Peanuts for example are considered energy and brain food which are good for people doing mental tasks and to keep also their energy levels high. An enterprising individual can generate more sales if he would be able to convince people like those studying for long hours in schools to make it a daily snack. This means daily income too for the seller at the school grounds.


Snacks can be nutritious, an energy source or comfort food. Each one has their own purpose. For a seller of snacks to have daily income from their customers they should be able to identify the daily need of the customer. I for example supplement my meals with nutritious snacks. When I am tired I snack on energy snacks. When I am relaxing I snack on comfort foods to make me more relaxed.