Everyday Income (Daily)

These are the products and services you use almost everyday and you almost cannot live without. Definitely not a hard sell. These products and services are such necessities as food and household necessities that everyone is a potential client.

Here is an example in fact. Many enterprising people usually buy grocery and shopping items when they are on sale and then resell them at a discount when the prices of these same grocery and shopping items goes back to normal.

Many people forget “One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure”. There are for example enterprising people who make a living by selling at flea markets things discarded by people even damaged ones. There are even people who sell their hair, toenails and other things produced by their body. One just needs to find out the uses of everyday things around them and find a market for it.

Selling What Your Body Produces

Many people think that the only way one can make money from using one’s body is by working on jobs that require either the brain for mental tasks or muscles for labouring tasks. Other make money from their body by selling the physical appearance of their faces or body. These are for example female and male models who pose for fashion and art.

Others enhance their body to become athletes who usually have above normal body strength, speed, flexibility or reflexes. There are those who make money from their bodies by doing activities that are sexual in nature.

There are those who literally sell their body organs to sick people in exchange for large sums of money. A dead body can also be sold for medical and scientific purposes.

The body however continually produces materials that people are willing to buy. Your hair, saliva, body wastes and so on can be sold for many purposes like medical and commercial. They may not be a regular source of income because the body takes time to produce them but they are freely produced by your body and come at no cost.

Earn from Retail

The retail concept is a simple one. Manufacturers create products in bulk to sell to major buyers in bulk as well. The major buyers then sell to lesser buyers who in turn sell to much lesser buyers and the process repeats itself over and over again until the products are eventually sold to the consumer. Along every step of the process each one takes their cut of the profits.

E-commerce companies and online delivery companies now have changed this model slightly and consolidated the retail process. The consumers now have lesser buyers to go through to secure an item and therefore pay less. However small retailers have managed to hold their ground against online companies like in India where small grocery stores still dominate sales.

Brick and mortar retailers will not go away. Consumers still need the to physically see and test the products they want to buy. This is more so in products such as fruit, vegetables and meat. Clothes too are hard to buy online. The online stores cannot really duplicate the act where a consumer tests out the clothes they want to buy to see if it fits and looks good on them.

There are also many payment and delivery problems one can encounter when buying online that is not present with a direct physical vendor to buyer interaction. With physical stores you get the actual product you bought unlike buying online where there are cases when a buyer receives not the product they bought.

In short physical retail will not go away. Physical and Online sales have both their advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to go into the retail business it is advisable to have both a physical and online presence to maximise your sales.

Earn from Water Products

A human can normally live without water for three to four days. Water makes up the majority of the liquid we drink. Therefore there is always a market for drinking liquid. As an example, in the Philippines at least enterprising people put drinking water on small clear plastics and sell them as chilled water or ice on plastic.

The margins may be small but you can upscale it by chilling or freezing such liquids as juices, coffee, chocolate ... etc. and selling them. Stamp cheap stickers to make your products more eye pleasing. It may be tiring and not worth it to sell each of them individually so try selling them wholesale like offering them to school canteens. In fact, I saw sometime ago on a business television show a couple making good money selling their frozen products to schools.

Fun fact: The Frozen Water or Ice Industry is worth billions of dollars in the United States alone. Who knows, you can be a millionaire someday by just selling ice or other frozen liquid products. You can start with just water and maybe some flavourings you can find at home.

Make Money from Food

A human can normally stay alive without food for three weeks. But if you consider how weak one gets without even a day of food plus the unbearable pain of an empty stomach which can easily drive you crazy your survival rate becomes significantly less.

Everyone needs to eat and therefore anyone can be your potential client especially if you have delicious and/or healthy offerings.

You can start small. You can maybe start by mastering the creation of a certain food you like and then once you think it would sell you could try offering them to restaurants to be sold by them. As an example, my niece would from time to time cook fried foods and then sell them to her school. They always sold out. Selling fried food products could be a good start too as you can easily carry them and they last longer compared to other foods.

Earn Money from Food Supplement

As most people mature their attitude towards health increases exponentially if they are old or their health is failing. That is why the health products industry is such a big market both for pharmaceutical and herbal products. You would think with the price of such products like vitamins the market would be small. But just look at the many varied vitamin products being offered for their purported anti-sickness properties.

Health products are now regularly consumed by people together with their food. For example the Australian Manuka honey commands a higher price than other ordinary honey because of its higher medicinal value. In fact the merging of food and health products is intensifying with many pharmaceutical and food companies joining together.

You could maybe try selling a kind of food and health product combination and and prove its health by citing the scientific studies done on the health product. If you think doing this is hard just look at vitamin chewable candies. Its just a combination of vitamins and chewable jelly.

Earning from Personal Care

These are the products that cleanse us and most are designed to increase our social appeal. Together with health products their increase is also on the rise. It used to be that women where primarily targeted for these products but now men using these products are on the rise.

You can start out small as well. The founders of Revlon Cosmetics which is one of the biggest cosmetics company in the world started out with no office. They used to drive all over the country offering cosmetics products. They would work out of their attache cases.

In fact you can start even smaller in todays online world by endorsing products or by teaching hygiene and cosmetics knowledge in social media for example. If you think that is still too big of an investment you can offer to apply the cosmetic and hair products and accessories of your client to them.

Earn from Cleaning

Being dirty can cause death especially with the advent of the Covid 19 sickness. Humans cannot help but clean themselves eventually. Even bums clean their hands before and after eating. People wear clothes and they get washed eventually. People wash their plates, cars, ... etc. No wonder the supermarket is brimming with cleaning products. It is easy today to find tutorials on how to make cleaning products such as dishwashing liquids for example with affordable prices.

If you have the time and muscle but do not have the cash to start a cleaning products business maybe you can offer to clean things instead using the cleaning products of your client itself. If you think cleaning is a dead end career you are wrong.

I have met former cleaners who are now subcontracting their cleaning jobs to others once they have signed a contract with their clients and now is a good paying business. Others become specialist cleaners and command high rates such as people who clean million dollar sports cars.

Earn from Utilities

Who can still function without the daily utilities such as plumbing and electricity. Even an internet connection is a must to connect in the society of today. Producing these utilities yourself may be out of reach because of the huge scale of resources needed but you can still offer allied products and services. For example you can get a license and be a certified plumber or electrician and work full-time or part time.

Even without a license or much cash you can offer other products and services. You can for example offer insulation products and services for heating in the home. Another example will be offering insulation and extension products for electrical products as well.

There is always a need for it as people tend to buy more and more electrical products which do not match the electrical layout of the home they live in. This is a personal experience for me when once I rented an apartment but cannot tamper with the heating and electrical layout because I am just a tenant. I am sure there are billions if not millions of people like me who are in the same predicament just because they are a tenant.

Earning from Home Services

More and more people are hiring other people to do the physical maintenance of their homes from simple repairs, gardening, lawn mowing and so on because they simply thought or calculated that their time is better spent doing something else. Maybe they also think that other people can do a better job than them.

In fact there are many online gig jobs that specifically cater to home tasks. You can start by doing simple tasks and then gradually teach yourself more advanced skills to make more money. You can earn either as a multi-skilled or a specialist. You can if you want register a formal business and franchise it as soon as you develop a reputation or if it gets big enough.

Income from Car

Nobody stays still. Everyone travels at one point or another whether commuting or riding their own vehicle. Travelling is one of the major tasks of daily living and it usually takes time and for most of us it is not at all comfortable.

Therefore there is a lot of need for products and services that would improve travelling time and comfort. Ride hailing services for example like Uber are popular because they address these problems. In fact a lot of people make their full-time income driving for ride hailing services.

A lot of people earn money too by selling vehicles and their parts as well as vehicle maintenance products and services. People spend a lot of money on their vehicles whether they like it or not. The proof is the million dollar price tags of exotic sports cars.

They might not be practical yet people so love them that they are considered as aspirational products. Maybe you can study formally or informally to check whether a car has problems and offer regular checkup analysis of the cars of your clients. It is like an analysis of the vehicle of your client before they take it to a car repair shop.

Earn from Consumer Items

Humanity has progressed to the point that we have mastered the methods of daily survival. Daily needs such as food, water, electricity and shelter is enjoyed by everyone except for the very few still living in the fringes of civilisation.

People have invented many products both essential and non-essential to be used in our lives as well. Clothes for example used to be for protecting people from the environment but now we have fashion. Homes as another example were used primarily for protection against the environment and for resting but now have come to include home entertainment and theater systems.

People now not only develop products for survivability but also for utility and comfort.

Though they might not be as easy to create, sell or endorse as compared to daily goods and necessities you still nevertheless have a very huge market as everyone lives in a home in one form or another and buy a variety of these consumer items for utility and comfort.

If you do not have the capital to create and/or sell these items you can be an expert on the particular products you are knowledgeable in and sell your expert knowledge and services. There is a home interior designer of expensive homes for example who became precisely this.

Home sellers use her services to make their homes look more pleasing to potential buyers who might pay a higher price because of the decorating she does to the home being sold. She draws the layout of her interior home design and then makes money by contracting to buy the contents of the house and/or create them herself with her crew. She also stated she has no formal education as an interior designer.

To know more about her see this YouTube video titled What It Takes To Stage A $14 Million NYC Apartment to see an expert in consumer items at work.

Earn from Art

According to the definition of the Oxford Languages: “art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” There are many definitions of art but what is true about it is that it is a very decorative and subjective product.

This means that one piece of art can be interpreted or likened differently by its audience. For example you may or may not like a shoe design but you can still use it to cover your feet while you may or may not like a piece of art but the fact remains it is only used for decorative purposes. Nevertheless many people create art in one form or another regardless of its purely decorative use.

One thing you can be sure about is that most people like to decorate themselves and their possessions and art is on top of them. You can earn good money if you are able to know what your clients want. Whether it is for investment purposes of which some art are or purely to amuse themselves to which most art are. Know your client’s desires and earn more.

Earning from Leisure

When people have more than time and cash to enjoy the leisure side of life they indulge in them. As the products and services in this category are not as much in demand as the necessities of life the merchants of leisure products and services usually charge a premium to their clients to make up for lower demand.

You therefore stand to make higher profits should you decide to sell products and services in this category over just selling necessity products where you have plenty of competitors. There is also the intrinsic reward of seeing the face of happy clients as they enjoy your leisure products. Think of the happy faces for example musicians see as they sing for their clients.

The barriers to entry are now so low that anyone can for example just record an audio or video and upload it in any social media platform like YouTube. This is all you need to start becoming a global entertainment company even if you are just one person. The probable fame that might follow is also high with the number of ordinary people getting famous or viral through social media.

The opportunities for earning are good as well. From YouTube entertainers, social media influencers, musicians, actors, comedians, host, tourist guides and so on the jobs are nearly endless. You just need the skill to entertain people and you already qualifications for a job. Entertaining is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Even an introvert can be a successful writer so anyone can actually be an entertainer.

Maybe you can start by being an expert in everything about your particular area like your city. You can share your knowledge in social media and get paid either as a guide or a marketer of the leisure services in your area whether full-time or part time. You can do waitressing or masseur services if you also want to for the same clients.

From here you can further develop your documentary, comedic or hosting skills and become a full-fledged media entertainer. As you can see the path to a leisure career or business is endless and all you need is yourself.

Earning from Animals

We share the planet with animals. We keep them as pets like cats and dogs, eat them as food like pigs, chickens & fishes and put them to work as animal labor like bulls and horses. There are even special animals that assist the handicap and “genie pig” animals used for laboratory research among others.

As pets they keep us company, entertain us and even protect and save us from harm. There are pets that are so pampered especially by the very rich that they have their own retinue of human servants to serve them. There are people who love their pets so much that they leave their entire fortunes to them when they die.

Although vegans, vegetarian and animal rights activists may protest a great majority of people in this planet eat animals of all kinds from the jungles and not only farm animals. Each country has certain preferences when it comes to animal based food. Chicken meat for example is well liked throughout the world while pig and cow meat may be more highly prized in other countries.

Animals like bulls, cows, horses and even dogs still do many manual labor liking pulling carts, carriages, sleds and plough in many less developed parts of the world. They assist farmers and those living mostly in the wild. They are even used as companion workers like sheep dogs who help sheep herders tend to their flock.

From the very small ants that produce expensive but edible eggs to the biggest of sperm whales whose waste product called Ambergris which is an expensive component to making equally expensive perfumes animals have something to offer to humans. Animals are even inside our bodies like the helpful gut bacterias which aid in our food digestion.

Earning from Plants

We need plants plain and simple. Humans and animals both use plants primarily as food and as a source of medicine. Advanced societies have mainly grouped which plants they would use for food, medicine, manufacture and so on.

However there are still plants that are not considered for mainstream use and are underutilised. The plant articles in this segment of the website aims to discuss these underutilized plants and product ideas from them so the wise businessperson can profit from them before they go mainstream.